• HOT ROD - Geza X (Rodney On The Rock Vol 4)
  • WHEELIES ON A HOT TIN ROOF - StompBox Holiday (03:35)
  • JUST ANOTHER EMO DAY - Robbie Quine (4:04)
  • LAGRIMA (Teardrop) - Gabriella Penka (3:04)
  • ISOLATION - They Call Us Scoundrels (02:39)
  • HOT ROD - Geza X (Rodney On The Rock Vol 4)
    Genre: Alternative
    MP3 (03:16) [7.46 MB]
  • WHEELIES ON A HOT TIN ROOF - StompBox Holiday (03:35)
    Genre: Americana
    MP3 (03:34) [8.15 MB]
  • JUST ANOTHER EMO DAY - Robbie Quine (4:04)
    Genre: Alternative
    MP3 (04:04) [9.32 MB]
  • LAGRIMA (Teardrop) - Gabriella Penka (3:04)
    Genre: Latin
    MP3 (03:04) [7.03 MB]
  • ISOLATION - They Call Us Scoundrels (02:39)
    Genre: Alternative
    MP3 (02:39) [6.06 MB]

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Geza X

Geza X Records evolved out of the well-known production work of Geza X. Geza grew frustrated seeing hot independent pop records get overlooked by the mainstream media industry. His legendary punk rock and classic hip hop recordings prove that good stories stand the test of time, often giving a window into public affairs that would otherwise go unnoticed. In todays market, anyone with enough experience can launch a record company. But can they tell good stories? Geza decided to focus on artists that bring a grassroots touch to musical stories.

Indies release many great records every year but often lack the clout or connections to promote them. And who has time to evaluate all of these gems? His extensive indie and disc mastering work has garnered Geza X an unsurpassable connection base in this confusing sector of the marketplace. GEZA X RECORDS brings it all together with a well-curated collection of artists. His criteria are strong catalogues, well-produced records, archival demos, and live recordings unavailable anywhere else. The main goal is to collect new alternative rock artists, a collection of Americana artists, and old school punk archives. The label also focuses on soundscapes and outsider music for FILM/TV licensing.

There is a folk art aspect to each of these genres. Geza is an aficionado at finding cultural treasures within this wide scope of musical styles.

Geza X is a veteran record producer with 40 years of experience documenting folk artists and pop culture. He was one of the first (and only) professionals to capture the Punk Rock explosion in 1977, creating seminal recordings of bands such as Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Screamers, Weirdos, Germs, Redd Kross, and over 100 other noteworthy underground bands. Less known are the multitude of hip-hop songs he engineered in the classic 1990's for producers like Ice-T, Rhyme Syndicate, Sir Jinx, and Battlecat. He had a multi-platinum commercial hit with Meredith Brooks' feminist anthem, which was RIAA-certified #2 on Billboard's Pop charts for 6 weeks. He currently operates a multimedia recording, mastering, and video studio in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.


Strychnine 99-DIVIDED
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Naughty Women-Anti-Grammys
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Rodney On The Rock Vol 4 **PART 1**
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Rodney On The Rock Vol 4 **PART 2**
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StompBox Holiday
Click here for their ROCKIN' Americana EP

Robbie Quine-Glitter Hole
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Gabriella Penka
Click here for their LATIN SKA EP-- Fuego En Mi Corazon

Geza X and The Mommymen **CLASSIC PUNK**
Click here for Geza X's classic "YOU GODDAM KIDS" album

They Call Us Scoundrels

Click here for GEZA X 1979 DEMOS

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