JUST ANOTHER EMO DAY - Robbie Quine (4:04)
Just Another Emo Day (04:01)

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Geza X

Songwriter: Robbie Quine
Publishing & PRO: Geza Music, BMI

Emo Day
Sometimes when I go to certain goth clubs it seems like almost a ‘Goth-Foul’ or maybe you’ll get a ‘Goth-Citation’ and have to go to ‘Goth-Court’ if you smile...some of the kids there take the whole scene way too seriously in my opinion. News Flash: You are not a real ‘Vampire’...it’s just a fun, sexy, dark art-scene. Some of the EMO kids could lighten up just a hair...! A little too dramatic sometimes, with the somber depressed-trip...! Life is not a veil of tears, you guys...but that being said, I love the music and the fashion, and I’ve always felt boys should wear make-up. I grew up in Hollywood, so maybe I’m a little weird...but I don’t really think I am...!