HOT ROD - Geza X (Rodney On The Rock Vol 4)

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Geza X

© 2021 Geza X

This is a song of teenage love and lust!

He cruises to the burger stand and hangs out
Shows his car off to the gang and they pout
A little girl comes bouncing up and he shouts
“Hey girlie what’s your name?”

He’s got a HOT ROD deendy-diddly deendy-diddly
HOT ROD waa-oom
He’s got a HOT ROD deendy-diddly deendy-diddly
Oh baby!

He takes her to the movies and they make out
Kissing and a hugging and theres no doubt
They know what the birds and bees are all about
What’s there no doubt about?


He takes her home to see his mom and daddy-O
They say they’re gonna talk out on the pati-o
Mom and dad say “Sonny Boy, don’t you be baddy-O”
Sonny boy say “Who me? Heavens NO!”


They go outside and make out like they did before
Sneak into his bedroom and they shut the door
If mom and dad found out gosh they would sure be sore
Mom’d say “Vat you doing zat for?”
“Well gee mom don’t you understand? I got a…”


She giggles and she blushes and takes off her dress
They don’t know what they doing so they have to guess
Thety’re clumsy and embarrassed but they try their best
Aww what a teenage mess! He had a…


—And now he thinks he’s oversexed!


Slow teenage fadeout…