WHEELIES ON A HOT TIN ROOF - StompBox Holiday (03:35)
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Geza X

Band Contact:
Spencer Thornton
hm: 323-662-4201
cel: 213-500-1934
4435 Vantage Ave.
Studio City, CA 91604

Songwriter: Spencer Thornton
Publishing & PRO: Melrose Hillbilly Music, BMI

Wheelies on a Hot Tin Roof

About the time I felt the clutches of puppy love for the first time, I also experienced the rib-crushing squeeze of high octane combustions married with mega-decibel tearing of burnt rubber off hot pavement spitting a choking cloud of toxic airborne carbon in my face… my sweetheart’s big brother let us tag along each weekend to the race track where he’d drag race his ‘69 383 Dodge Super Bee, the “Green Rocket.” It was there that the parade of tattooed grease monkeys and hot to trot race babes seemingly torn from the celluloid of a Russ Meyer film made an indelible impression on my subconscious. So it wasn’t a stretch that some 30 years later I’d find myself in the pits at Road Atlanta shooting video for a racing series.

Recently, a road-worn old acquaintance enlightened me with this, "Hell, man. If you've ever been to a stock car rally, a drag strip or even up close & personal with a street race, you can close your eyes, take a breath and still be able to feel the heat, smell that gasoline and taste the exhaust years later, my friend... maybe more so if you're from the Southern States." I never thought that much about it... till now! Ha