'Get Ready' for Great Music - June 2011 Featured Music on AirPlay Direct

Posted on June 2, 2011


"Get Ready" for Great Music June 2011

Featured Music on AirPlay Direct

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Western Ranch Music Record Label (Various Artist)

Cowgirl Romance n’ Dance

(Country / Oldies / Folk)

Audrey Auld

Come Find Me

(Acoustic Country / Americana / Folk)


Perfect Time

(Pop-Rock / Indie / Soft Rock)

Greezy Wheels

Gone Greezy

(Pop/ R&B/ AAA)

Wilson Fairchild

You Might Think

(Country / Country Americana / Traditional Country)


Gleeful Melodies


Steve Richard

Love’s Gotta Go Somewhere

(Country / Contemporary Christian / Country Rock)

Tim & Savannah Finch with the Eastman String Band

Lovely Lovely Ladies

(Americana / Bluegrass / Alt. Country)


Git Up and Go

(Classic Rock / Rock / Country Rock)

Kacey Jones

Sings Mickey Newbury

(Country Blues / Americana / Humour)

The Britt Lloyd Band

Dresser Drawer

(Country Rock / Pop / Country)

Kathy Golden

God Heard It

(Contemporary Gospel / Contemporary Christian)

Cushion Records 

Various Artists

(Alternative Rock)

Wicked Saints

Wicked Saints

(Americana / Alternative / Rock)

David LeMair

Crazy Dreamer

(Rock / Pop-Rock)

Tom Charchuk

Met Her In A Park

Anthony Duke

May You Be Loved

(Country/ Americana)

Pure Grain


(Americana, Southern Rock, Funk)

Thirty Day Notice

A Clone of Herself

(Alt. Rock / Electronic)

David Juliet


(Pop-Rock / Pop)

Danny & The Juniors feat. Joe Terry

We’re Forever & Ever & Ever Yours

(Pop / Oldies / Roots Rock)

GMIM Records

Great Moments In Music

(Pop / Adult Contemporary / World Music)




Pat Moss

Jook Joint Preacher

(Blues / R&B / Gospel)

Bonnie Paul

ChildHood Sweetharts

(Alt. Country / Acoustic Country)

Donald Robinson

Sing Love Songs

(Adult Contemporary / Easy Listening / R&B)



(Rock / Adult Contemporary / Pop-Rock)

Picnic in the Meadow

Dance With Me

(Country / Contemporary Gospel / Contemporary Christian)

Sly Rankin

Jamaican Pride

(Hip-Hop / Reggae / Pop)

Ronald Valentino

City of Angels-Ibigin Mahalin

(Adult Contemporary / Pop / Easy Listening)

Billy Chernoff

Circle of Grace

(Country / Gospel / Country Americana)

Mike McGuire

Cumberland River Blues

(Americana / Alt. Country / Acoustic Rock)

Jessy Tomsko

Little Reverie

(Pop / Acoustic / Folk)


I Will

(Hip-Hop / R&B / Rap)

Leslie Martin

Goodbye Blues

(Country / Gospel)

Leak Finkelstein

Dear Claudia

(American Roots Soul)

Nadine Stern

Nadine Stern

(Rock / Pop / Alternative)

Lefty Jones Band


(Rock & Roll / Alternative / Folk-Rock)


Don’t Let Me Go

(Adult Contemporary / Rock / Soft Rock)

Patrick Sassone

Just a Man

(Blues / Blues Rock / Americana) 

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