Hard Times
Since she's been gone
I've been goin' through these hard times
Since she's been gone
I've been troubled all the time
Since she's been gone
I've been walkin a fine line
'tween holdin' it together
and losin my mind

Verse 1
Tonight I'll lie awake again
and listen to that lonesome wind
Tellin me that somehow
I'll get over her in time
Things seem to just be gettin worse
can't describe the way it hurts
to face another day without
my baby by my side

Repeat Chorus

Lost my job down at the factory
boss man said he couldn't see
payin me to sit around
and worry over you
This a stack of bills that I can't pay
it's gettin higher every day
it's sad to be a victim of
the low and lonely blues

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus