Brown Check
Verse 1
Down in Estill County
a few years ago
Delbert Meeks told his friends
he was feelin' low
Everyone knew he was
just a sorry sot
Too dang lazy
to hold down a job

Verse 2
He called his drinkin' buddy
Dr. Willie Paul
He said doc could you help me
get on the draw
Could you tell my lawyer
how sick I am
So he can take my case to
the government man

I wanna get myself a brown check
You know my back hurts real bad
it's been a-killin' me
Wanna get myself a new car
wanna go in style
wanna get myself a brown check
I'm gonna rock awhile

Verse 2
Could you make it sound real bad
like I've got whiplash
I could take a few odd jobs
if they'd pay me cash
Don't wanna get turned in
hope nobody sees
that there's really not a dang thing
wrong with me

repeat chorus