America Where Have You Gone
verse 1
I'm not gonna try and smooth nobody's fur
I'll tell it just like it is
Things are not going the way that they should
In this great land where we live
I don't know who started this no prayer in school
The tail's really waggin' the dog
whatvever happened to majority rules
America, where have you gone

America where have you gone
All that I hold dear
When did it disappear
Where are the values
That made you so strong
America where have you gone

verse 2
I you wanna come here and pay taxes like up
We'll welcome you with open arms
Just make it legal and learn english too
or else just stay where you are
When a man takes another mans hand in marriage
What in the H__ goin on
The good book says it was Adam and Eve
Not Adam and Steve somethings wrong

repeat chorus

They've bailed out the the banks AIG & GM
But the workin' man picked up the tab
Politicians have sent all the jobs overseas
It just makes me fightin mad

releat chorus