The Death of Bad Burch Wilson
verse 1
There's a deep hole in the river
That's where they found him drown
Just below the Quicksand bridge
A little piece from town
His wife identified him
But never shed a tear
And he'd been seen with Mandy Btown
The night he disappeared

verse 2
Pa said he was a rounder
And feared by his own kin
Said he made a deal with the devil
And his soul belonged to him
They called it accidental
Said he had too much to drink
The case was never really solved
But let me tell you what I think

I don't believe he slipped and fell
I don't believe he drown
Nobody mourned his passing
When they laid him in the ground
Things happen in the mountains
That the mountains only know
Some secrets are as dark and deep
As any seam of coal

verse 3
Small town investigations
Don't turn up much
Just wild speculation
Rumors and such
The sheriff said that every lead
Led to a dead end trail
I think he knew who did it
But they never went to jail

verse 4
His wife she had an alibi
Cause she'd been seen at church
And Mandy was too small and frail
To kill a man like Burch
Sometimes I lie awake at night
Tortured for my sin
Then I look at Mandy
And drift back off again

repeat chorus