Pud Marcum's Hangin'
They say the grass won't grow
where they built the gallows
down in Lawrence County
up on Town Hill
They hung poor Pud Marcum
for the crime of murder
Back then they called it justice
but the grass ain't growin' still

Verse 1
Pud's uncle, Fisher Marcum
he was feared and hated
and many in the county
wanted him dead
A bullet fired from Ambush
sent him to the graveyard
but not before he said, Pud shot me
from his dyin' bed

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
They tracked him through the snow
to the place where he was hiding
A lawman said throw up your hands
you're under arrest
In the jailhouse he found Jesus
but the jury found him guilty
and sentenced him to hang
till he was dead, dead, dead

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Early in the morning
on the 29th of April
The sheriff came
and led old Pud away
He had a peace about him
as he neared the scaffold
And he rode his own coffin
up the hill to meet his fate

Verse 4
Now my Papaw told me
a great big crowd was gathered
to see him meet his maker
for taking Fisher's life
They say he told the young folks
let this be a warning
and left this world-a-singin'
dark is the night

Repeat Chorus