Hello, My Name is Coal
Verse 1
I'm from West 'by god' Virginia
And the high Kentucky hills
I'm dirty but I'm honest
I pay a poor man's bills
I'm prosperity and poverty
I'm a scoundrel and a saint
I'm loved, reviled, misunderstood
I'm hope in a hopeless place

Chorus 1
Hello my name is coal
And around here I'm the king
Some say I'm a saviour
Some say death is what I bring
I've broke miner's backs and hearts
And I've wrestled for their souls
let me introduce myself
Hello, my name is coal

Verse 2
I'm also known as black gold
You might have heard of me
My body is the mountain
My breath is kerosene
Who says I'm not sexy?
If I'm out of style and old
Why do men still dig me?
All around the globe

Chorus 2
Hello, my name is coal
Around here I'm the queen
Some say I'm cheap and easy
Oh, but they still bow to me
Be careful, I'll break up your home
And steal away your soul
It's dangerous to lust for me
Hello, my name is coal

They curse me now for what I am
But not that long ago
They sang my praises everywhere
Hello, my name is coal