APD's Global Radio Showcase Vol 6 - Just Folkin' Around
  • Billy Kemp - Benjamin Banneker (3:51)
  • Jodee Lewis - Buzzard's Bluff (4:34)
  • Ralph Stanley feat. Rick Skaggs & Keith Whitley - Village Church Yard (5:33)
  • David Starr feat. John Oates - California Dreamin'
  • Michael Weiskopf - Tattoo of Jesus (6:41)
  • Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan - Pirate Girls (4:42)
  • Jim Pipkin - Rollin The Dice (3:33)
  • Ed Snodderly - Hobo - (3:03)
  • Troy Engle - Haunting Me (3:01)
  • David Davis & The Warrior River Boys - Baltimore Fire (3:39)
  • Andy Michaels - Angel (3:34)
  • David Massengill - Rider On An Orphan Train (In-Studio Performance) (5:28)
  • Cheryl Wheeler - Potato (2:55)
  • Skaggs and Rice - Talk About Suffering (2:09)
  • Dana Cooper - Dance Toward The Light (3:24)
  • Billy Kemp - Benjamin Banneker (3:51)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (03:51) [8.81 MB]
  • Jodee Lewis - Buzzard's Bluff (4:34)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (04:34) [11.38 MB]
  • Ralph Stanley feat. Rick Skaggs & Keith Whitley - Village Church Yard (5:33)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (05:36) [12.81 MB]
  • David Starr feat. John Oates - California Dreamin'
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (03:40) [8.39 MB]
  • Michael Weiskopf - Tattoo of Jesus (6:41)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (06:41) [15.28 MB]
  • Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan - Pirate Girls (4:42)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (04:42) [10.78 MB]
  • Jim Pipkin - Rollin The Dice (3:33)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (03:33) [8.93 MB]
  • Ed Snodderly - Hobo - (3:03)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (03:03) [6.98 MB]
  • Troy Engle - Haunting Me (3:01)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (03:02) [6.94 MB]
  • David Davis & The Warrior River Boys - Baltimore Fire (3:39)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (03:39) [8.36 MB]
  • Andy Michaels - Angel (3:34)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (03:35) [8.19 MB]
  • David Massengill - Rider On An Orphan Train (In-Studio Performance) (5:28)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (05:28) [12.51 MB]
  • Cheryl Wheeler - Potato (2:55)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (02:55) [6.68 MB]
  • Skaggs and Rice - Talk About Suffering (2:09)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (02:10) [4.96 MB]
  • Dana Cooper - Dance Toward The Light (3:24)
    Genre: Folk
    MP3 (03:24) [7.78 MB]
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AirPlay Direct is pleased to now open submissions for Volume 7 of our...

APD “Global Radio Showcase” Series
"Christian / Gospel"

Deadline for submitting your APD Artist Profile is
November 30th, 2019.

For "Contest Submission Requirements" contact Lynda Weingartz @


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Volume 6 - "Just Folkin' Around"

This particular showcase features a diverse array of genres including Appalachian, Americana, Blues, Bluegrass, Celtic, Cajun, Global Roots, Indigenous, Old Time, Traditional, Singer-Songwriter, and Spoken Word.

This program was created and launched at the consistent request of our members… oddly enough, both artists / labels, and radio programmer‘s kept asking for a best of “Best of Breed” showcase to present artists, and for radio programmers to discover new music they may not have been exposed to before.

"This collection of songs features a variety of special deep cuts, catalog and new releases that will be great songs for any occasion when you are “Just Folkin’ Around” and enjoying life.” ~ Robert Weingartz, Chairman - AirPlay Direct

Another very important benefit of APD’s “Global Radio Showcase” is that all of the artists represented on these showcases have a link on the APD Showcase Profile Release page that will link to each of the artist’s individual AirPlay Direct Artist Profile Release page. This allows you the “radio programmer”, to listen to more of the artists’ music and hopefully download a few more tracks from their whole album, or catalogue.

Executive Producers: Robert & Lynda Weingartz



Songwriter: Billy Kemp, Jeni Hankins, Alfred Hickling
Publishing & PRO: Willbilly Music / Lulu Wall Music, BMI 2017

Billy Kemp: Melodica, Banjo, Percussion, Vocal

"Benjamin Banneker is a medium, dirge-like shuffle on finger picking banjo and vocal with junkyard percussion and melodica. A lamentation for America’s first African-American man of science.

Just west of where I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland is a community called Oella. It is on the Baltimore county side of the Patapsco river just across from the 18th century mill town, Ellicott City. Oella had a famous resident named Benjamin Banneker. He was an African-American who lived there from 1736 to 1806. While on tour in Florida I picked up a book, The Life of Benjamin Banneker by Silvio A. Bedini at a library book sale. I had heard of him and went to where his grave was thought to be up in Oella when I was in high school. There was even a Benjamin Banneker elementary school in Catonsville. Now there is a Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum in Oella near where he lived and worked." ~ Billy Kemp


Click here to go to listen to full album - Buzzard's Bluff

Songwriter: Jodee Lewis
Publishing & PRO: Jodee Lewis, BMI

Jodee Lewis: Vocals, Guitar
Douglas Zylstra: Acoustic, Slide Guitar
Katie Abernethy: Fiddle
Christian Dillingham: Upright Bass, Tambourine
Jad Jabbour: Drums, Percussion
David Cover: Percussion

Buzzard's Bluff is the title track from Lewis's recently released album of the same name. Buzzard's Bluff rises above the Sac River, near where Lewis grew up in the Missouri Ozarks. It's a beautiful and remote place, yet one where dark memories are always circling.
~ Jodee Lewis

3. RALPH STANLEY featuring Ricky Skaggs & Keith Whitley - VILLAGE CHURCH YARD(5:33)

Click here to go to see more - Rebel Records

Songwriter / Publisher: Traditional - P.D.

Ralph Stanley: Lead Vocal
Ricky Skaggs: Tenor Vocal
Jack Cooke: Baritone Vocal
Keith Whitley: Bass Vocal

"Ralph Stanley is credited with introducing a cappella quartet gospel singing to bluegrass audiences when he included two “unaccompanied” numbers on his landmark 1971 album Cry From The Cross. These songs represented Stanley’s first direct use of the Primitive Baptist sounds that permeated his youth in the hills of Southwest Virginia. “Village Church Yard” appeared on Stanley’s very next gospel recording following Cry From The Cross – 1973’s The Old Country Church – and featured a teenaged Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs on harmony vocals." ~ Mark Freeman, Rebel Records


Click here to go to listen to full album - The Head and Heart

Songwriter: John & Michelle Phillips
Publishing & PRO: Universal Music Group, ASCAP

David Starr: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
John Oates: Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
Dan Dugmore: Pedal Steel Guitar
Steve Mackey: Bass
Tom Bukovac: Electric Guitar
Nathaniel Smith: Cello
Greg Morrow: Drums

"When producer John Oates and I were talking about songs to include for my "The Head And Heart" EP in early 2017, the idea was to include only original songs. But John sent me a text message suggesting that he could really hear my voice singing this classic '60's song. But we both agreed that our version needed to reflect a darker, more dystopian atmosphere.

John came up with the beautiful acoustic guitar arrangement and we just turned it over to the this amazing band. I couldn't be happier with the result!" ~ David Starr


Click here to go to listen to full album - Lost In Amerika

Songwriter: Michael Weiskopf
Publishing & PRO: Michael Weisskopf-Blue Highway Insomnia Musis, ASCAP

Michael Weiskopf: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Hal Roland: Concert Grand Piano
Matt Bonelli: Upright Bass
Steve Rucker: Drums
Klyph Black: Electric, Slide Guitars
Jamie Pflug: Background Vocals

"I like to write story songs. This one was inspired by a woman that i spotted in a public place. She was covered in body art and had prominent tattoos of Jesus and Shakespeare. I had never seen anyone with a tattoo of Shakespeare. So, i thought it would be interesting to create a one act play of the two of them speaking with each other through two characters. I will let the song speak for itself." ~ Michael Weiskopf


Click here to go to listen to full album - Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan

Songwriters: Claudia Russell, Bruce Kaplan
Publishing & PRO: Pendry Publishing, ASCAP, Riffmonster Music, BMI

Debra Dobkin: Drums
Paul Eckman: Bass
Tom Tally: Viola
Claudia Russell: Guitar, Vocals
Peter Case: Peter Case

"Pirate Girls is an evocative, nostalgic song that reminds listeners of the simple pleasure of being a little kid, while gently hinting at the loss of innocence that is sure to follow.

As soon as we finished this song, we knew we had a good one, and it continues to be a highlight of our live show. We are especially happy with how recording turned out, and the fine work of our viola player, Tom Tally, who has recorded with Leonard Cohen and Michael Jackson. Tom and Claudia are longtime friends, having played in their first band together in high school." ~ Bruce Kaplan


Click here to go to listen to full album - Jim Pipkin

Songwriter: Jim Pipkin
Publishing & PRO: Jim Pipkin, BMI

Jim Pipkin: Guitar, Lead Vocal
Laney Greynolds: Harmony Vocal
Eric Gilboe: Bass
Billy Parker: Mandolin

"Rollin the Dice was inspired by several young and ambitious hopefuls I met on my trips to Nashville from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. The song took almost twenty years from concept to final recording, in many ways mirroring the long journey so many experience trying to make a dent in the music business." ~ Jim Pipkin


Click here to go to listen to full album - Record Shop

Songwriter: Ed Snodderly
Publishing & PRO: Drivin Round Music, BMI

Ed Snodderly: Guitar, Vocal
Hunter Berry: Fiddle

"Isn't everyone a hobo in their town. Some folks I know at least in spirit. Hobo was put together using an old chord progression with a popular mid 20th century topic. Second verse says,"there ain't no train to be hoppin' on but everybody likes a hobo song." My favorite part of the song is the second half of the last verse. It's who I am. "Everybody hanging out smiling and giggling and acting the clown. Ain't that the way it's suppose to be being happy feeling free."

Hunter who plays with Rhonda Vincent did a great job playing that fiddle of his. We recorded Hobo upstairs in an old building downtown Johnson City, Tennessee. Sometimes we'd have to start over because of some fire truck or some other small city noise. I think there's a train whistle in one of these chord changes and that we won't stop for." ~ Ed Snodderly


Click here to go to listen to full album - Southern Skies

Songwriter: Troy Engle
Publishing & PRO: Rocky Glen Music, BMI

Troy Engle: Lead & Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, Upright Bass, Fiddle, Drums

“I was reminded of C.S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters", which describes a worker of the devil that was assigned to an earthly human being to disrupt and confound his "patient".

I also read Steven Pressfield's "The War of Art", which describes "The Resistance" (which I identified as the devil), which uses everything in it's power to keep us from doing what we are called to do.

While preparing this album, I could surely feel the powers of "The Resistance" trying to keep me from doing it. But I found great peace in knowing that the harder the devil is trying to keep something from happening, the more important it is to do it. Thank God I don't have any chemical "demons" in my life (except maybe sweet tea), but for those who do, maybe they can relate to this song as well." ~ Troy Engle


Click here to go to Baltimore Fire

Songwriter & Publishing: Public Domain

David Davis: Mandolin, Vocals
Marty Hays: Bass, Vocals
Robert Montgomery: Banjo
Stan Wilson: Guitar
Billy Hurt: Fiddle

"As early as 2006, Ken Irwin of Rounder Records had mentioned to us the idea of recording an entire album featuring the songs of the Oldtime North Carolina recording artist Charlie Poole , who recorded approximately eighty songs from 1925 - 1930. We had recorded a Poole song on an album in 2006 and evolving the song came easily to us, in the way we play and sing music. Luckily, Ken liked our attitude on the offering and suggested going deeper in the Poole catalogue. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Poole recorded music whose origins were from Popular music of the time, Tin Pan Alley, Blues music, all which evolved very well into the rural stringband sound of the North Carolina Ramblers, becoming very popular to that day's audience.

When we started really listening to Poole's music, we easily realized this was the type material that a young Bill Monroe had listened to and drew essential ingredients from when shaping the sounds that became known as Blue Grass music, thus giving much credence for Charlie Poole to be considered the Grandfather of Bluegrass music or even Grandfather to a much larger roots based audience." ~ David Davis


Click here to go to listen to full album - Andy Michaels

Songwriter: Andy Michaels
Publishing: 7Seas Music Company Pty Ltd, APRA/ACOS (Australia)

Andy Michaels: Guitars
Andy Court: Producer, Arrangements
Kerry Ironside: Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals
Kerry Ironside & Sharon Court: Choir

"Its really just a Spiritual and Inspiration song about eternal love. It was inspired by watching the birth of my little girl and holding her for the first time. This was a truly life changing and deeply humbling experience and nearly everyone would have shared the overwhelming emotions and feelings of bringing a new soul into this world. It simply cannot be put into words, but it was the inspiration behind this song.

I recently received an email from someone I did not know who said listening to Angel gave her hope and a new meaning and sense of purpose in her life after her daughter was tragically murdered." Andy Michaels


Click here to go to see - Four Song Sampler

Songwriter: David Massengill
Publishing & PRO: David Massengill Music / Warner / Chappell Music, ASCAP

Release Date: November 2, 2012

David Massengill: Mountain Dulcimer

"Miami folk DJ Michael Stock of WLRN 91.3 recorded this interview and performance in 2012. It contains stories before and after the song.

A fellow from Missouri heard me singing My Name Joe on the radio and wrote me a letter out of the blue. Don McClanahan wondered if I was his long, lost brother. His original name was Massengill same as mine and he was separated from his brother at a young age when they'd been adopted by different families. My heart went out to him and I thought of my own younger brother Mike and how we enjoyed playing football in the back yard and all the adventures exploring the Tennessee knobs and creeks. I wondered what my life would have been like without him. I wrote Don back and wished him luck in finding his brother and we continued to write letters discussing all sorts of subjects but the separation from his brother was ever present in my mind.

I'd recently read about the orphan trains that ran from east to west across the US from 1855-1929. They carried mostly abandoned children from the big cities. A minister came up with the idea to send them out west and offer them up for adoption. They'd stop at various train platforms and farmers and families were there to pick and choose the children who best suited them. They tried to keep brothers and sisters together but it wasn't always possible. Sometimes the children were used for their labor and sometimes they were given entry into loving homes. One day I decided to tell Don's story as an orphan train child separated from his brother. Don never found his brother but I thought I'd give them a reunion in a dream near the end of the song. I was able to sing the song for Don at a show in Missouri and that was a special moment for me. In real life I am the older brother but I thought it best to write in the first person as the younger child and I used his brother's name James in the song. Don was pleased with that touch. Of all my songs this is my favorite." ~ David Massengill


Click here to go to see Cheryl Wheeler - Potato

Songwriter / Publishing: Traditional

Cheryl Wheeler: Guitar, Vocals

"Cheryl Wheeler's ode to the humble potato shows her at her humorous best, silly in that disarmingly childlike way, that only she can pull off, leaving audiences feeling fully engaged and chuckling. Mix "Mexican Hat Dance" with her personal project of making the darned song end on the correct syllable just for the sheer fun of it!" ~ Marian Leighton Levy, Co-Founder Rounder Records


Click here to go to listen to full album - Skaggs And Rice

Songwriter / Publishing: Traditional

Ricky Skaggs: Mandolin, Vocals
Tony Rice: Guitar, Vocals

"'Talk About Suffering' is unquestionably Tony Rice and Ricky Skaggs at their vocal peak as duet partners. This is simply unmatched for being one of the purest and yet most elegant acapella bluegrass gospel duets imaginable, both voices blending perfectly.

An instant classic, their recording was recognized immediately as a real standout in the Rice and Skaggs repertoire. Here two instrumental virtuosi put down guitar and mandolin long enough to produce, on vocal harmony alone, one for the ages." ~ Marian Leighton Levy, Co-Founder of Rounder Records


Click here to go to listen to full album - Incendiary Kid

Songwriter: Dana Cooper
Publishing & PRO: Dog Eared Music, Bluewater Music, SESAC

Dana Cooper: Guitar, Vocals
Thomm Jutz: Acoustic Guitar
Ingrid Graudins & Barbara Santoro: Vocals

"My mother, Betty, was about to turn 90 when I visited her on my way to attend Jimmy La Fave's tribute concert in Austin. Mom and I talked about what was to come for her, when she would come to live near us in Nashville. I was reminded of the first time she talked to me about mortality when I was about six years old.

I left mom's and drove to Austin where I sat in the balcony at the Paramount theater and listened to some of Austin's finest play Jimmy's songs. LaFave was in the audience but too ill to perform. at the end of the concert Jimmy's son wheeled his chair onto the stage. Jimmy led us all in a couple of choruses of Good Night Irene. The whole place was in tears. I sat in the balcony and watched everyone file out of the theater in a daze.

When I walked along the dark streets Dance Toward the Light came to me. I took it back to my mother and played it for her and she cried and smiled at the same time." ~ Dana Cooper

~ Carl Jackson, 3 Time Grammy Winner / APD Artist Ambassador shares: “Robert, you should be very proud of what you have created with AirPlay Direct. You not only dreamed of it, but actually created a whole new way of delivering and promoting catalog music to the global music industry that we had never seen before. No one in history has ever accomplished this, and you should be very humbled by this major achievement.

More importantly, I am, and the industry as a whole should be very grateful to you for all the opportunities you have created and now made possible for all of us in the ‘New Music Industry of 2017’. Thank you my friend.”

~Bruce Iglauer, President & Founder - Alligator Records states, “AirPlay Direct has become an absolutely essential part of Alligator Records’ worldwide promotional efforts. Conceived and designed by Robert Weingartz, AirPlay Direct allows us to deliver music by our artists to radio stations large and small around the globe.

The vital support that AirPlay Direct has given to independent labels and artists and to niche genres sets it apart from all other digital delivery services. In addition to helping get our new releases to radio, AirPlay Direct has helped bring attention to our catalog by featuring our classic albums in their digital newsletters to radio.

As a result of their outstanding service, we’re able to make a much greater worldwide radio impact than ever before. They’re the best!”

~ Ken Irwin, Co-Founder - Rounder Records says, "The AirPlay Direct Global Radio Showcase Series has been a tremendous support to our artists. Through their Bluegrass, Blues and Country showcases we had the opportunity to promote both current and catalog artists. We couldn’t have asked for better results, with stations from around the world downloading these songs, many entering the top 10 of the AirPlay Direct charts. We love the broad diversity within these showcases."

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    Billy Kemp, Jodee Lewis, Ralph Stanley, Keith Whitley, Ricky Skaggs, David Starr, Michael Weiskopf, Claudia Russell, Jim Pipkin, Ed Snodderly, Troy Engle, David Davis, Andy Michaels, David Massengill, Cheryl Wheeler, Tony Rice, Dana Cooper
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