Ed Snodderly - Hobo - (3:03)


Contact: Ed Snodderly
(423) 943-4025

Songwriter: Ed Snodderly
Publishing & PRO: Drivin Round Music, BMI

I’m like a hobo in this town
I like to hobo all around
Just a hobo out of time
In this old world

So honey won’t cha pay me some mind
To what I say or might design
Day or night I could be leaving
This all behind

There ain’t no train to be hopping on
Hey everybody likes a hobo song
I watch the corner with a sunset eye
And follow you around

You might drop coin or paper
I’m like a pigeon who can find the wafer
In the shade I like to wager
That the sun ain’t round

I hear the band making its way
I’m up on a brakeman’s ladder
Watching it go by

Everybody hanging out
Smiling and giggling and acting the clown
Ain’t that the way it’s supposed to be
Being happy and feeling free