Ed Snodderly - Hobo - (3:03)


Contact: Ed Snodderly
(423) 943-4025

Songwriter: Ed Snodderly
Publishing & PRO: Drivin Round Music, BMI

"Isn't everyone a hobo in their town. Some folks I know at least in spirit. Hobo was put together using an old chord progression with a popular mid 20th century topic. Second verse says,"there ain't no train to be hoppin' on but everybody likes a hobo song." My favorite part of the song is the second half of the last verse. It's who I am. "Everybody hanging out smiling and giggling and acting the clown. Ain't that the way it's suppose to be being happy feeling free."

Hunter who plays with Rhonda Vincent did a great job playing that fiddle of his. We recorded Hobo upstairs in an old building downtown Johnson City, Tennessee. Sometimes we'd have to start over because of some fire truck or some other small city noise. I think there's a train whistle in one of these chord changes and that we won't stop for." ~ Ed Snodderly

Ed Snodderly: Guitar, Vocal
Hunter Berry: Fiddle