APD's Global Radio Showcase Volume 3 - Blues R&B Jazz
  • The Holmes Brothers - Homeless Child (Live Radio Version - Featured APD Showcase Track)
  • John Mayall - The Devil Must Be Laughing
  • Ira Walker - God's Face
  • Trampled Under Foot - Goodbye
  • Michael Burks - Empty Promises
  • Jerry Douglas - 2:19 (Previously Unreleased)
  • Toronzo Cannon - Chickens Comin' Home To Roost
  • Eight O'Five Jive - I Won't Wear Flats (To Your Funeral)
  • Bobby Rush - Nighttime Gardener
  • Selwyn Birchwood - The River Turned Red (Live Radio Version)
  • The Time Jumpers - Blue Highway Blue
  • Tiny Irvin - Moanin'
  • Dennis Binder - Hole In That Jug
  • Albert Bashor - Fetch Me
  • Buckwheat Zydedo - When The Levee Breaks
  • The Holmes Brothers - Homeless Child (Live Radio Version - Featured APD Showcase Track)
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (03:29) [7.98 MB]
  • John Mayall - The Devil Must Be Laughing
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (06:58) [16.94 MB]
  • Ira Walker - God's Face
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (05:07) [11.71 MB]
  • Trampled Under Foot - Goodbye
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (06:05) [13.93 MB]
  • Michael Burks - Empty Promises
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (06:16) [14.33 MB]
  • Jerry Douglas - 2:19 (Previously Unreleased)
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (04:09) [9.51 MB]
  • Toronzo Cannon - Chickens Comin' Home To Roost
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (05:16) [12.05 MB]
  • Eight O'Five Jive - I Won't Wear Flats (To Your Funeral)
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (02:49) [6.44 MB]
  • Bobby Rush - Nighttime Gardener
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (04:06) [9.4 MB]
  • Selwyn Birchwood - The River Turned Red (Live Radio Version)
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (03:14) [7.41 MB]
  • The Time Jumpers - Blue Highway Blue
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (05:28) [12.52 MB]
  • Tiny Irvin - Moanin'
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (04:01) [9.21 MB]
  • Dennis Binder - Hole In That Jug
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (03:06) [7.08 MB]
  • Albert Bashor - Fetch Me
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (05:02) [11.51 MB]
  • Buckwheat Zydedo - When The Levee Breaks
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (05:16) [12.04 MB]

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Volume 3 - Blues / R&B / Jazz

AirPlay Direct is pleased to introduce the APD “Global Radio Showcase” Volume 3 - Blues / R&B / Jazz. The various genre based volumes are delivered digitally throughout the year.

These "Showcases" are for “Best of Breed” songs and musical portraits. There will be “superior ” songs, special deep cuts, or some of your favorite singles.

This program was created and launched at the consistent request of our members… oddly enough, both artists / labels, and radio programmer‘s kept asking for a best of “Best of Breed” showcase to present artists, and for radio programmers to discover new music they may not have been exposed to before.

Another very important benefit of APD’s “Global Radio Showcase” is that all of the artists represented on these showcases will have a link on the APD Showcase Profile page that will link to each of the artist’s individual AirPlay Direct Artist Profile Release page. This will allow you the “radio programmer”, to listen to more of the artists’ music and hopefully download a few more tracks from their whole album, or catalogue.

~Bruce Iglauer, President & Founder - Alligator Records states, “AirPlay Direct has become an absolutely essential part of Alligator Records’ worldwide promotional efforts. Conceived and designed by Robert Weingartz, AirPlay Direct allows us to deliver music by our artists to radio stations large and small around the globe.

The vital support that AirPlay Direct has given to independent labels and artists and to niche genres sets it apart from all other digital delivery services. In addition to helping get our new releases to radio, AirPlay Direct has helped bring attention to our catalog by featuring our classic albums in their digital newsletters to radio.

As a result of their outstanding service, we’re able to make a much greater worldwide radio impact than ever before. They’re the best!”

Executive Producers for the APD Global Radio Showcase Series: Robert & Lynda Weingartz


1. The Holmes Brothers - Homeless Child: Click here to listen to full album - Speaking In Tongues

Songwriter: Ben Harper
Publishing: Innocent Criminal/EMI Virgin Music, Inc. ASCAP

Wendell Holmes: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Sherman Holmes: Vocals, Bass
Willie “Popsy” Dixon: Vocals, Drums, Percussion

Recorded live at Austin, TX's KGSR-FM on March 14, 2001.
This version released on KGSR's compilation KGSR Broadcasts, Vol. 9

“First of all, we chose this song because Ben Harper is such a great friend and songwriter. But the song meant a lot to us because of the years we spent in New York and the deep problem of homelessness that we saw in the city every day. This gave us a chance to put the issue front and center and raise awareness. Everyone needs help sometimes.” – Sherman Holmes

2. John Mayall - The Devil Must Be Laughing: Click here to listen to full album - Talk About That

Songwriter: John Mayall
Publishing: Hibiscus, ASCAP

John Mayall: Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica and Guitar
Greg Rzab: Bass
Jay Davenport: Drums
Rocky Athas: Guitar
Joe Walsh: Guitar

Throughout his career, John Mayall has always written timely songs that reflect what he sees going on in the world around him, whether it’s war, poverty, social injustice or personal introspection. Such is the case with “The Devil Must Be Laughing,” which deals with the current political and world climate. And that incentive also brought him in touch with Joe Walsh, who contributes some percolating guitar work that melds perfectly with the song’s theme.

For Joe Walsh, playing on a session with one of his musical heroes held a special place. “It has been a bucket-list item since 1970 to play with John Mayall,” Walsh said. “John had a run of GREAT British guitarists (one after another) with his ‘Bluesbreakers’ albums, and that’s how many of us in the States became aware of them.  Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor - I studied them all for hours and became a much better guitarist as a result. The albums were legendary stuff and I have wanted to work with John for years and years, wondering what it would be like.

Finally got the chance - and he was the complete gentleman and fine, fine musician I had always hoped he would be. When you meet a hero who helped shape your career – it’s a wonderful feeling to find they’re even cooler than you always thought they were.”

The track was produced by John Mayall (who also designed the album package) and Forty Below Records president Eric Corne (who also engineered and mixed).

3. Ira Walker - “God’s Face”: Click here to listen to full album - Blame Me

Songwriter: Ira Walker
Publishing: Raski Music Publishing ASCAP © 2015

Ira Walker: Guitar, Vocals
Buddy Hyatt: Piano, Organ
Brent Mason: Guitar
Kelly Back: Slide
Jimmy Carter: Bass
Scott Williamson: Drums & (voice at end of track)

Produced by: Buddy Hyatt
Recorded at: Tracking Room / Nashville

"We believe Ira's music, especially this particular song, targets the age old struggle of all musicians not only Blues! The lyrical content is moving and clear, Ira's choice of musicians also makes it evident these guys got the love!!

Ira would like to share this song with the masses and let it be known, that all musicians and listeners as well, face the fear of failure and rejection!

But the love of what we do, overrides all those great imposters and bolsters our hope that God will reward our gallant thankless efforts with a tear!

And the spirit's at peace inside of me!" ~Craig Payne

4. Trampled Under Foot - Goodbye: Click here to listen to full album - Wrong Side of the Blues

Songwriter: Danielle Schnebelen, Nick Schnebelen, Kris Schnebelen, Tony Braunagel
Publishing: Schnebelen Works, BMI; ToeKnee Music, ASCAP

Danielle (Nicole) Schnebelen: Bass, Vocals
Nick Schnebelen: Guitar, Vocals
Kris Schnebelen: Drums
Mike Finnigan: Organ

Produced by: Tony Braunagel

"Goodbye", from the TUF/VizzTone release “Wrong Side of the Blues,” is a powerful blues ballad that showcases the band and Danielle’s heart-stopping vocals. She remains unsurpassed as one of the great singers of her generation.

Trampled Under Foot came busting out of Kansas City, Missouri in 2008 along with a horde of devoted followers to totally dominate the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. The sibling trio took first place in the competition, and guitarist Nick won the Albert King Award for Best Guitarist. They would continue to record and tour successfully together as a band, while the Schnebelen siblings Nick (guitar), Kris, and Danielle (now Danielle Nicole) broke out with their own projects.

5. Michael Burks - Empty Promises: Click here to listen to full album - Iron Man

Songwriter: Michael Burks
Publishing: Eyeball Music, BMI

Michael Burks: Guitars and Vocals
Wayne Sharp: Organ and Piano
Don Garrett: Bass
Chuck “Popcorn” Louden: Drums

"Of all the songs that the late Michael “Iron Man” Burks recorded, Empty Promises was his favorite. He sang and played it at every show, always with immense passion and intensity. It was obvious that Michael had lived the story.

He cut it live in the studio, with no overdubs or fixes, just singing and playing his heart out. Michael died suddenly at age 57, having established himself over the course of four Alligator albums and hundreds of live gigs as one of the blues giants of his generation". ~ Bruce Iglauer, President & Founder of Alligator Records & Michael Burks’ Co-producer and Friend

6. Jerry Douglas - “2:19"

Songwriter: Thomas Waits and Kathleen Brennan
Publishing: Jalma Music (ASCAP)

Previously Unreleased

Jerry Douglas: Dobro, Lap Steel, Lead Vocals
Daniel Kimbro: Bass, Strings
Doug Belote: Drums
Christian Sedelmyer: Violin, Strings
Mike Seal: Guitar
Jamel Mitchell: Saxophone
Vance Thompson: Trumpet

From the forthcoming Jerry Douglas release What If, this song is brand new to radio. Long recognized for his artistry on Dobro and lap steel, his considerable vocal skills shine on 2:19. Says Jerry Douglas, "Being a lifelong fan of Tom Waits, it seemed only natural to me, that when it came to sing something on this record I would call on his repertoire. So much happens in a very short time in "2:19" and I'm all about summarizing. Who has time for anything else! This tune is a hurricane in a bottle. Just like Tom himself".

7. Toronzo Cannon - Chickens Comin’ Home to Roost: Click here to listen to full album - The Chicago Way

Songwriter: Toronzo Cannon
Publishing: Cannonball Express Music, ASCAP
Adminstered by: Small Scale Music

Toronzo Cannon: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Brother John Kattke: Hammond B-3 Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Pete Galanis: Electric and Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Larry Williams: Bass
Melvin “Pookie Stix” Carlisle: Drums

"I'm honored to have my song "Chickens Comin' Home To Roost" selected by AirPlay Direct for their Global Radio Showcase. This song is about a man that knows he's wrong he's just waiting for the inevitable to happen. The notion of the evil that men create returns to their own door exists in all cultures. It’s something to always be wary about." ~ Toronzo Cannon

8. Eight O'Five Jive -I Won’t Wear Flats To Your Funeral: Click here to listen to full album - Swing Set

Songwriter: Bois, Mosser, Scheinman, Shropshire, Spencer
Publishing: Red Rudy Too Tunes, BMI

Lee Shropshire: Vocals
Andy Scheinman: Guitar
Patrick Mosser: Sax
Bill Bois: Bass
Duane Spencer: Cocktail Drums

Originally penned by bassist, Bill Bois, vocalist and lyricist, Lee Shropshire took this tune and ran with it, amending the lyrics to fit her personal take on a love affair gone wrong. Given the fact that Bill is over six feet tall, the songs imagery of elegant gowns, and a closet full of stiletto-heeled shoes suits Miss Shropshire in a much more favoring light!

This is a blues number with a hilarious twist, and a favorite from the new CD, Swing Set, by Nashville jump/blues band, Eight O’Five Jive. That they’ve won several times in the ‘Best Of’ categories in the Nashville Industry Music Awards, and have taken top prize two years in a row in the Nashville Blues Challenge, proves that Blues listeners are ready for an upbeat and humorous style that is reminiscent of bygone artists such as Louis Jordan and Ruth Brown. It is fair to say they bring the past forward with their energetic and playful sound.

9. Bobby Rush - Nighttime Gardener: Click here to listen to full album - Porcupine Meat

Songwriter: Bobby Rush
Publishing: Carquit Music (BMI)

Nighttime Gardener featuring Keb’ Mo’ (4:06)

Bobby Rush: Vocals, harmonica
Keb’ Mo’: Guitar, slide guitar solo
Vasti Jackson: Guitars
Shane Theriot: Guitar
David Torkanowsky: Hammond B-3 organ
Cornell Williams: Bass
Jeffrey “Jellybean” Alexander: Drums

After recording almost 400 songs since the 1950s, released as albums and singles on dozens of large and small labels, Bobby Rush won his first Grammy award in 2017, at the age of 83. “Nighttime Gardener” is standout track from that album, Porcupine Meat, featuring Keb’ Mo’ on slide guitar, and a humorous double entendre lyric that is delivered over an undeniable groove. The track was produced by Rounder’s Scott Billington in New Orleans with an all-star band that includes Jeffery “Jellybean” Alexander on drums and Vasti Jackson on guitar.

With his highly entertaining show and onstage flair, Rush has sometimes been called “The King of the Chitlin’ Circuit.” He still plays nearly 200 shows each year, in venues ranging from the Americana conference to performing arts centers to back-of-town juke joints. As one of the few active and creative performers from the post-war blues era, he is truly an American treasure. ~ Scott Billington

10. Selwyn Birchwood - The River Turned Red: Click here to listen to full album - Don't Call No Ambulance

Songwriter: Selwyn Birchwood
Publishing: Selwyn Birchwood Music, BMI

Selwyn Birchwood: Guitar, Lap Steel, Vocals
Regi Oliver: Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute
Donald “Huff” Wright: Bass
Curtis Nutall: Drums

Recorded live at Brookdale Public Radio's WBJB-FM (1/20/2015) by Jeff Raspe

"I'm very excited to be selected to be part of this compilation. The song selected, "The River Turned Red," is a standout in the version on my album because I have my friend Joe Louis Walker playing slide guitar on the track. When I was in the studio, I thought to myself, 'I want to do a crazy, out of this world, spacey, Joe Louis Walker kind of slide solo.' I was lucky enough to have him do just that.

It was really cool to be able to perform this song solo. I rarely get to do acoustic performances, so this was kind of special. I think there's beauty in the nakedness and vulnerability of just a man and a guitar. It's very cool." ~ Selwyn Birchwood

11. The Time Jumpers - Blue Highway Blue: Click here to listen to full album - Kid Sister

Songwriters: Debi Smith Cochran - Marvin Wynn Thomas - John Paul Daniel
Publishing: Warner Brothers Music Corp (ASCAP) / Mangrove Music (BMI) / High Steppe Music (ASCAP) / High Seas Music (BMI) / Warner Tamerlane Publishing (BMI) / Kingston Springs Music (ASCAP) / Dot’s Daughter Music (ASCAP)

Billy Thomas: Drums, lead vocals
Vince Gill: Electric guitar, harmony vocals
Jeff Taylor: Piano, accordion
Ranger Doug Green: Archtop guitar
Andy Reiss: Ectric guitar
Paul Franklin: Pedal steel guitar
Brad Albin: Bass
Joe Spivey: Fiddle
Larry Franklin: Fiddle
Kenny Sears: Fiddle

The hauntingly melancholy “Blue Highway Blue” is a co-written song by John Paul Daniels, Debi Cochran and Billy Thomas. It was composed in 1998, around the time the band was forming. Once completed, the song rested on a shelf until the Time Jumpers dusted it off with Thomas doing the lead vocals.

The lyric portrays a sad hearted lover who can’t escape the blues “the further down this road I travel, the more I feel my heart unravel”. The music was the brainchild of Daniels and Thomas. Thomas recalls, “I remember thinking this melody suited my voice. So when I was asked to sing one, I thought it would be a perfect candidate for Kid Sister”. It’s become a true crowd favorite and shows off
a different side of the Jumpers. ~ Billy Thomas

12. Tiny Irvin - Moanin': Click here to listen to full album - You Don't Know What Love Is

Tiny Irvin: Vocals
Carl Arter: Piano
Mike Taylor: Upright Bass
Ron Tucker: Drums

Tiny Irvin's delivery of this song demonstrates her deep blues feeling, jazz phrasing and scat technique. Tiny, a jazz singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, recorded this tune, accompanied by Pittsburgh piano legend and harmony master Carl Arter, with Mike Taylor on upright bass and Ron Tucker on drums.

In 1983 when Dizzy Gillespie came to Chicago, Michael Frank met him and told Dizzy about the session. Dizzy simply remarked "That girl can sure sing."

13. Dennis Binder - There Must Be A Hole In This Jug: Click here to listen to full album - Hole In That Jug

Songwriter: Dennis Binder
Publishing: Earwig Music Company, Inc.

Dennis Binder: Acoustic, Piano, Vocals
Chris James: Lead Guitar
James Wheeler: Rhythm Guitar
Patrick Rynn: Bass
Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith: Drums
Rodney "Hot-Rod" Brown: Saxophone

Earwig Music CEO Michael Frank first heard of musician Dennis Binder, born in Rosedale, Mississippi in 1928, when Delmark Records, on their Pearl label, reissued Dennis's early 1950's United Records tracks on the album Long Man Blues. Dennis, a rhythm & blues pianist and singer, started recording and touring during the early days of electric blues and rock 'n roll.

The track "Must Be a Hole In That Jug" captures Dennis sounding like he popped out of a time capsule wailing his '50's style rhythm 'n blues. Like Sonny Boy Williamson #2 (Rice Miller), who did not share his bottle of liquor, Dennis lets us know that he was not at all pleased that someone took the last swallow of liquor out of his jug of whiskey.

14. Albert Bashor - Fetch Me: Click here to listen to full album - Cotton Field Of Dreams

Songwriters: Albert A. Bashor Jr. and Michael Owings

Albert Bashor: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Pat Travers: Lead Guitar
Forrest Rodgers: Rhythm Guitar
Bill Payne: Keyboards
Larry Jacoby: Bass
Sean Shannon: Drums

Albert Bashor wrote this song after seeing the 1992 Los Angeles riots played out live on tv. Albert imagined the fear of someone caught in a riot while high on drugs. The song was cut with guest guitarist Pat Travers in lead guitar. Pat was a neighbor of the studio owner/session engineer Sean Shannon. Pat was keen an playing with Bill Payne, guest keyboard player on Albert's album, so Pat just barged in the door just before the first take. Producer Michael Frank, unfamiliar with Pat, was a bit miffed at Pat's bravado, but pleased at what Pat brought to the tune. Pat added a funky groove and a slashing solo, heightening the tension in the story line and in Albert's emotional vocal.

15. Buckwheat Zydeco - When the Levee Breaks: Click here to listen to full album - Lay Your Burden Down

Songwriter: Joe McCoy
Publishing: MPL Music Publ. obo Edwin H. Morris & Co., ASCAP

Stanley “Buckwheat” Dural, Jr.: Accordion, Hammond B3 organ, synth keyboard, lead vocals and background vocals
Lee Allen Zeno: Bass and background vocals
Sir Reginald Master Dural: Rubboard and background vocals
Kevin Menard: Drums
Olivier Scoazec: Guitar
Michael Melchione: Guitar
Curtis Watson: Trumpet
Sonny Landreth: Guitar

“We always looked for well-known songs that Buck could relate to and put his own mark on. 'When The Levee Breaks' was a natural choice. It's about the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 but for Buck it tapped into the emotion and pain that he needed to express about Hurricanes Katrina and Rita that had devastated Louisiana.” ~ Ted Fox, Executive Producer, Manager & Longtime Friend

APD's Global Radio Showcase Series Executive Producers: Robert & Lynda Weingartz

“Robert, you should be very proud of what you have created with AirPlay Direct. You not only dreamed of it, but actually created a whole new way of delivering and promoting catalog music to the global music industry that we had never seen before. No one in history has ever accomplished this, and you should be very humbled by this major achievement.

More importantly, I am, and the industry as a whole should be very grateful to you for all the opportunities you have created and now made possible for all of us in the ‘New Music Industry of 2017’. Thank you my friend.” ~ Carl Jackson, 3 Time Grammy Winner / APD Artist Ambassador

Live showcases can be “very” advantageous at times. We do them with our clients on a regular basis. This depends upon who is setting up the showcase, where it is, the cost, and most importantly who shows up.

The opportunity for all AirPlay Direct members to have the chance to earn their spot to present and “showcase” their music to all of AirPlay Direct’s Global Radio Programmers; 10,000+ radio station members around the world... priceless. There is NO FEE to submit for these compilations for AirPlay Direct radio /label members. Keep in mind, these compilations are not only for new releases, but also for very cool, deep catalogue cuts as well.

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