John Mayall - The Devil Must Be Laughing
The Devil Must Be Laughing
Songwriter: John Mayall
Publishing: Hibiscus, ASCAP

I had a bad dream
Scary and oh so long
Blood and murder
And the whole damn world went wrong
Then I woke up.
Read the papers
And the Devil sang his song

So many dying
For them no middle ground
While fanatics
Are killing innocents all around
Too many
To count bodies
And so many can’t be found

It’s a deadlock
And the victims multiply
No solutions
No logic, sense or reasons why
Taught in new ways
That could make all mothers cry

The devil is laughing
With a big smile on his face
Losing battles
And endless wars that have no place
And mass murder
God help the human race

John Mayall: Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica and Guitar
Greg Rzab: Bass
Jay Davenport: Drums
Rocky Athas: Guitar
Joe Walsh: Guitar