The Time Jumpers - Blue Highway Blue
Blue Highway Blue - 5:27
Songwriters: Debi Smith Cochran - Marvin Wynn Thomas - John Paul Daniel
Publishing: Warner Brothers Music Corp (ASCAP) / Mangrove Music (BMI) / High Steppe Music (ASCAP) / High Seas Music (BMI) / Warner Tamerlane Publishing (BMI) / Kingston Springs Music (ASCAP) / Dot’s Daughter Music (ASCAP)

The hauntingly melancholy “Blue Highway Blue” is a co-written song by John Paul Daniels, Debi Cochran and Billy Thomas. It was composed in 1998, around the time the band was forming. Once completed, the song rested on a
shelf until the Time Jumpers dusted it off with Thomas doing the lead vocals.

The lyric portrays a sad hearted lover who can’t escape the blues “the further down this road I travel, the more I feel my heart unravel”. The music was the brainchild of Daniels and Thomas. Thomas recalls, “I remember thinking this melody suited my voice. So when I was asked to sing one, I thought it would be a perfect candidate for Kid Sister”. It’s become a true crowd favorite and shows off
a different side of the Jumpers. - Billy Thomas

Billy Thomas – drums, lead vocals
Vince Gill – electric guitar, harmony vocals
Jeff Taylor – piano, accordion
Ranger Doug Green – archtop guitar
Andy Reiss – electric guitar
Paul Franklin – pedal steel guitar
Brad Albin – bass
Joe Spivey – fiddle
Larry Franklin – fiddle
Kenny Sears – fiddle