• JUST THE BLUES (4:37) Blues (Featured Track)
  • NO ROAD LIKE THAT (3:42) Country Americana (Featured Track)
  • AROUND (3:24) Roots Rock
  • AWAY (3:53) Ballad
  • WHISPER (3:50) Rock
  • TABLE OF FRIENDS (3:40) Americana
  • JUST THE BLUES (4:37) Blues (Featured Track)
    Genre: Blues
    MP3 (04:37) [10.58 MB]
  • NO ROAD LIKE THAT (3:42) Country Americana (Featured Track)
    Genre: Country Americana
    MP3 (03:42) [8.47 MB]
  • AROUND (3:24) Roots Rock
    Genre: Roots Rock
    MP3 (03:24) [7.79 MB]
  • AWAY (3:53) Ballad
    Genre: Ballad
    MP3 (03:53) [8.89 MB]
  • WHISPER (3:50) Rock
    Genre: Rock
    MP3 (03:50) [8.78 MB]
  • TABLE OF FRIENDS (3:40) Americana
    Genre: Americana
    MP3 (03:40) [8.4 MB]
Contact Information:
Mick Byrd 573-422-3881

AROUND was released in 2010 and continues to receive airplay. The top two titles featured here on Airplay Direct are, "Just The Blues" (Ozark Blues) and "No Road Like That" (Ballad). Included here are the songs that I believe best represent the variety of music on the full CD.

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Featured Tracks:
#1 – JUST THE BLUES (4:37)
#2 - NO ROAD LIKE THAT (3:42)

Songwriter - Mick Byrd (BMI)
Publisher - Mick Byrd Publishing (BMI)
All recordings Copyright ℗2017 Time Out Records, P.O. Box 141, Vienna, MO 65582

Mick Byrd – Acoustic guitar, Vocals
Brad Edwards – Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass
Kristan Hassler – Harmony and Lead Vocals
Tom Reichart – Drums
Jim Sigler – Dobro, Mandolin
Richard Stokes – Harp, Fiddle/Violin
Pete Szkolka – Keyboard
Debbie Byrd - harmony on last line in NO ROAD LIKE THAT.

Engineered by - Pete Szkolka, PS Studios, Columbia, MO
Mastering - Stephen Gardner, The Music House, Columbia, MO

Want to know more about "Around?" Here is the “Around” CD review by Karen Reynolds, host of Writer's Block online and at WFIV in Knoxville, TN.

Never think of Mick Byrd as limited. A true lyricist and storyteller, Byrd has always written a good song and has found a home, quite nicely, in the Americana genre'. But his newest release, 'Around', really shows how diversified he is as a writer, artist and vocalist.

The CD starts off strong with the slightly dark title cut, "Around”, allowing a driving beat to carry the listener along the lonely trail of someone searching for a connection. Then it takes an immediate turn in the opposite direction with 'Away', a ballad proclaiming that type of love that "blows" one away. It's sweet and emotional while still being slightly 'pop-ish' and not at all what you'd expect after having been taken on the rough ride of the first song. This roller coaster continues to travel on, bringing surprise after surprise with each track.

Byrd cites influences ranging from Jazz to Rock to Bluegrass and back again, and while you can usually expect to find him in the 'Americana' bin at the local record store, the myriad of influences are clearly represented on this release. 'Whisper' does anything but, with a seriously rock driven tempo and accompaniment. 'Gravy Train' tosses a bit of Blues into the mix, appropriately so with it being a song about big dreamin', hard workin' blue-collar folk. 'Did It Ever Occur' is full out, right down the pike, country and is beautifully delivered by guest vocalist, Kristan Hassler. Byrd even takes on the genre' specifics of an Irish ballad with 'Table of Friends' and captures it perfectly with skilled guitar work and a gentle delivery, both vocally and lyrically.

Make no mistake...that comfortable and well fitting Americana groove is evident in tracks like 'Sometimes', 'Old School' and 'Colorado Sky.' But the overall 'feel' of this disc is that everyone can find something to like. It never allows the ears to become bored, which is a true feat in a day and age when 'cookie cutter' songwriting is frighteningly common.

One could never consider Mick Byrd, as limited or pigeon holed. Nor can he be accused of taking the easy path and simply shooting for commercial market. This artist delves into the very guts of what constitutes a well-written song and delivers, every time. He's what true fans of independent, original music, covet and collect.
-Karen E. Reynolds, Host/Program Director, Writer's Block, http://www.writersblockonline.com
Karen E. Reynolds, Singer Songwriter
Consultant, SoundAdvice Musician Services
Vice President, Indiegrrl-Women In The Arts Non-Profit
www.indiegrrl.org Instructor, Univ of TN-Craft of Songwriting and The Music Business
Instructor/Board Member, ProMusicU, Nashville
Instructor/Mentor, Country Music Hall of Fame, Words & Music Program
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