Cherry Divine- Rockabilly Chicks Vs. Mean Evil Woman
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My passion in music started out when I was very little. Living a long way out of town, in far North Queensland, Australia and one of five other children on a farm we had to find things to amuse ourselves. I spent most of my time listen to records on my Grandads gramophone. Everything and anything I could get my hands on. It was mainly country or Elvis for me as that is what my folks listened to. But as I grew older I learned to appreciate all types of music. My dear husband, boyfriend at the time, bought me my first guitar. We didn’t have any money and we lived so far out of town I had to teach myself how to play. For me it was Dolly Parton and Slim Dusty, I still have that guitar with Slim's signature on it hanging on my wall. So I started out singing country music competing in talent quests and although I love it, it just didn’t sit right with me.
We moved to the "Big City" well big for us for my work as a Midwife and became involved with the Rock n Roll club. One night we went to a rock-n-roll dance and I thought wow this music and atmosphere is amazing so we tried our hand at that, formed a band and played every weekend. We were busy getting lots of gigs. But something was still missing. I just didn't feel like that was my calling. It wasn't until my dear friend Renae Summers from The Katz Alley introduced me to Wanda Jackson album that was it I fell in love. It was the right blend of country and rock-n-roll and I knew that was where I wanted my singing path to go. For our 25th anniversary we went to the Greazefest festival in Brisbane and saw many great bands and that was when I truly fell in love with Rockabilly and here we are today.
We relocated to Melbourne to try our hand at the Rockabilly scene with our original material as North Queensland didn't quite grasp new material, they like there pub rock. This is where were meet the amazingly talented Tommy McEwan who helped co-write, produced, mix and master my very first original Rockabilly album, which was called Ain't no Fool when we released it. Since then I have been signed by Catty Town Records and the album renamed to Mean evil woman verse Rockabilly Chick, all the same songs on my original album.
It was an experience to write and record my very first album, one I will never forget, and I thank the lord that Tommy and I crossed paths, He taught me so much about the music industry.
The more I get to tour around the World the more I know I have to try harder to reach my goal, which is of course to be the next Wanda Jackson. The people, the atmosphere and genuine audience makes me appreciate this music all the more.
We were lucky enough to be nominated in the 2017 Ameripolitan Music awards for Female Rockabilly artist and travelled to Texas for the awards. What an amazing experience. All like minded people with one goal in mind - Music
Back home in Townsville they call me the Australian Imelda May......with a mixture of Imelda May, Wanda Jackson, Josie Kreuzer and my own personal style thrown in, I want to bring my music to the world. We are about to tour the UK and Europe in August to see if we can't reach that bigger audience and planning to come back to the States as soon as we can.
I am not a one man band I have my faithful supportive husband of 29 years by my side. He is my rock and supports everything I do. He is also my Double Bass player so it's great to have him on stage with me. We have and always will be a team. He pushes me when the times get tough and stands by me in good times and bad.
I hope we get to see you in your part of the world one day.