Paco - Paco's Oldies, Vol 4, Side 2
  • What Could Be Better (2:55)
  • Wake Up Little Suzie (2:08)
  • Monday, Monday (3:04)
  • Come Rain or Come Shine (3:24)
  • Come Go With Me (3:04)
  • YMCA (4:11)
  • Touch Me (2:55)
  • Holly Holy (4:19)
  • The Phantom Of The Opera (4:43)
  • All Around The World (3:25)

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Dylan Levinson - Strega Entertainment Group

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“Paco’s Oldies Vol 4” is my tenth CD Album to be released through Bristol Recording Studios of Boston, MA. When I retired twelve years ago as CEO of Northland Residential Corporation, I literally had no idea that my “retirement” would eventually morph into a second full-time career. I only knew that I wished to “follow my heart” with active commitment and passion into the challenging world of music, singing and the overall entertainment industry. Thus, ten years later here I stand fully and completely blessed in life, with ten internationally released Cd’s, with a seven-member “Paco Band” comprised primarily of young musical phenoms from Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music and as also signed with the incredible Strega Entertainment of Boston, Nashville, LA & Las Vegas. I mean in all sincerity “are you kidding me”? None of this would have come close to happening without the full support and encouragement of my life partner of fifty-two years - Margie. She has endured my “craziness”, along with the ongoing financial burdens of “my dreams” with a love that surpasses even my understanding. Along with our three fantastic children and five incredible grandchildren, and with God’s ever-guiding hands, they are the sole reason for my continued success and I thus dedicate this album to them all with much love and thanks. ~ PACO

Release Date: January 2023



Songwriter, Publishing & PRO:
Christopher Dorsey / No Weather / ASCAP
Frank Stewart / Frank M Stewart Publishing / BMI

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

The fifth original Chris Dorsey/Paco Band song on this CD, the melody and lyrics are reminiscent of that great classic by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, with wonderful laid-back lyrical verses that lead up to dynamite blow-me-away choruses, all while underscoring one of life’s greatest blessings - the ability to feel love and to be loved by someone special. ~ PACO


Songwriter: Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

The Everly Brothers gave us this classic Oldie that encapsulates the fear we all had of falling asleep at the Drive-In Theater and facing the terrible consequences of breaking parental “I want you home by”
no-nonsense teenage “laws”. ~ PACO

13. Monday,Monday (3:04)

Songwriter: John Phillips
Publishing: Spirit Music Group

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

While it is almost impossible to mimic the tremendous harmonies created by “The Mamas’s And The Papa’s”, this classic song that topped the Billboards is simply a blast to sing and to capture at least a little of that group’s magic. ~ PACO


Songwriter: Harold Arlen; John H Mercer

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

This CD of Oldies wouldn’t be complete without a song by old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. I love singing his songs and this one is simply slow but highly meaningful with great lyrics of love. ~ PACO


Songwriter: Clarence E Quick

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

While the title of this song is not as recognizable as some other Oldies, most of us will remember the great lyrics by the Del Vikings. One of the first “integrated male singing groups”. To them it was perfectly normal, as they were all stationed together in the Air Force and for the rest of us, thank goodness, they helped break that glass ceiling. ~ PACO

16. YMCA (4:11)

Songwriter: Jacques Morali, Edward Victor Willis

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

One of the all-time best dance songs ever created, The Village People hold the Guinness Record for most folks dancing to a song at one time, when they performed it at a college bowl football game and 40,000 folks got to their feet dancing and forming the letters with their hands - YMCA. ~ PACO


Songwriter: Robby Krieger
Publishing: Primary Wave

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

For many of us the music created by “The Doors & Jim Morrison” live on in our hearts. Another iconic singer who sadly died way before his time due to his addictions…listen to the fantastic trumpet solo at the
end by Chris Dorsey of The Paco Band. ~ PACO

18. HOLLY HOLY (4:19)

Songwriter: Neil Diamond
Publishing: Universal Music Publishing Group

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

One of my personal music heroes is Neil Diamond. I love all of his songs and always enjoy the chance to sing them live. This song’s lyrics speak to some of Neil's early childhood memories with his family at “Revivals” under a hot summer tent watching crippled men rise and walk. ~ PACO


Songwriter: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Publishing: Universal Music Publishing Group

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

Our absolutely wonderful Paco Band lead female singer, who adds so much to all of our songs is Natalie Oronzo. Classically trained at the prestigious Berklee College of music in Boston, I asked her to pick a special song to highlight her vocal abilities and she choose this Andrew Lloyd Webber blockbuster. I did my best trying to keep up with her, but had an absolute blast in the process. ~ PACO

20. All Around The World With Me (3:25)

Songwriter, Publishing & PRO:
Christopher Dorsey / No Weather / ASCAP
Frank Stewart / Frank M Stewart Publishing / BMI

ISRC Code: QZFZ32369289

Release Date: January 2023

One of our own new original songs by our Trumpet player Chris Dorsey, this “Oldies-style/Big Band” song underscores that when you find “the right one” you can travel around the world even just sitting together in your living room. True love is the key. ~ Paco


To Suggest that Paco has thus far led an interesting and colorful life is an understatement. After a 37-year Real Estate Career as a CEO, at age 64 he changed direction completely, to pursue a lifelong dream of singing, acting and entertaining. In sharing his dreams with others, his goal is to simply help them find more joy, peace and meaning in their own lives through music and the visual arts. Paco has trained and studied professionally to refine his voice, dance, acting and modeling talents. He has appeared in TV, films and music videos in addition to commercial ads and in voice-overs.

To date, Paco has recorded well over 250 songs and released 10 full-length Albums including his newest 20-song CD “Paco’s Oldies Vol 4”, which focuses primarily on 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Oldies, including five Oldies/Big Band Swing-style originals. One of those originals, “Wakin’ Up The Stars”, was also just made into a music video featuring a classic 59’ Chevy Corvette convertible and in a 50’s diner/carhop, as shot in LA by SmashCutFilms.

While his songs are easily available on Facebook (Paco Music), YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, & Pandora etc., the best link to everything “Paco” is through his professional Nashville-based website as follows: complete with it’s photos, stories, current CD’s and especially fun music videos of both solo songs and live performances.

For a trip down memory lane just link into the video “Sea Of Love”, filmed at Reiff’s Old Time Garage Museum near Sacramento (Woodland) and on the infamous Zuma Beach in Malibu.

Paco is affiliated with Bristol Recording Studios in Boston where he produces his music and he is signed with Strega Entertainment Group of Boston, Nashville, Las Vegas and LA who manage all of his creative endeavors. Paco’s music is also released to radio through AirPlayDirect out of Nashville, where it plays on conventional and internet radio stations throughout America and literally around the world.

Although Paco sings and entertains “solo” or in “cabaret-style with piano” from time to time, his primary shows are always with his 7/8-member “Paco Band”, comprised of young instrumental and vocal phenoms primarily trained at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. They perform around the Country at venues such as at Holiday concerts in Disney’s Town of Celebration, Florida or at Boston’s First Night festivities on New Year’s Eve rocking the crowds with Oldies, to name just two. They can easily adapt to entertaining intimate gatherings of 25-50 folks…or rockin’ a crowd of 10,000

Paco’s modeling and acting adventures have taken him to appear in a variety of TV and films, commercials and in voice-overs. Most recently he starred as the Moderator in a remake of that classic longest running 1950’s/60’s TV Game Show “What’s My Line”, reprising the role of the lovable John Charles Daly whose antics and verbal “circumlocutions” rendered him a TV icon.

Commercially speaking, he also just shot a pre-2023 Super Bowl Ad for the NFL & Pepsi, pushing voting for the NFL’s Rookie’s Of The Year candidates, as filmed by ShadowLion Productions out of Boston. One of Paco’s absolutely funnest Commercial experiences to date.

Based on all of the above, Paco encourages all of us to maintain a full and active life, no matter what your age…but especially to set your sights high, to challenge yourself both physically and mentally and not just to “sit on your butt” in your older, senior years.

He commented that “if someone had told me ten years ago when I left my CEO role in Real Estate to “retire”, that ten years later I would have my own 7/8-member Band; that I would have released 10 CD Albums with songs that play literally around the world; that I would be
singing live on a major stage to thousands of happy folks dancing and
shouting my name; that I would be shooting TV, films and major
Commercials…I would have called them “mis-guided”! I am so very fortunate and blessed with a wife of fifty-plus years, three terrific children and five sensational grandkids. What’s not to like?
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