Paco - Paco's Oldies Vol 3, Side 2
  • You’re Nobody Until Somebody Loves You (Featured Track) (3:23)
  • Young Girl (3:28)
  • I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) (3:10)
  • From A Jack To A King (2:25)
  • Light My Fire (5:10)
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (2:35)
  • Mack The Knife (3:37)
  • Hound Dog (2:24)
  • She’s Not There (2:43)
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (3:26)
  • You’re Nobody Until Somebody Loves You (Featured Track) (3:23)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (03:23) [7.76 MB]
  • Young Girl (3:28)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (03:28) [7.92 MB]
  • I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) (3:10)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (03:10) [7.24 MB]
  • From A Jack To A King (2:25)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (02:25) [5.54 MB]
  • Light My Fire (5:10)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (05:10) [11.83 MB]
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (2:35)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (02:35) [5.92 MB]
  • Mack The Knife (3:37)
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    MP3 (03:37) [8.27 MB]
  • Hound Dog (2:24)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (02:24) [5.49 MB]
  • She’s Not There (2:43)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (02:43) [6.2 MB]
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (3:26)
    Genre: Rock & Roll
    MP3 (03:26) [7.84 MB]

(978) 283-4855

Dylan Levinson - Strega Entertainment Group

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“I’m just thrilled with this album.  Paco and the band collaborated to make sure each individual member’s personality is highlighted and the vibe of the album represents Paco’s dedication to pay homage to the classic, great oldies.” ~ Peggy Iafrate, President Strega Entertainment Group


Although The Paco Band routinely performs all sorts of music, from Pop, and Rock to Christmas Classics and even “originals”, our true niche in the world of entertaining is in performing 50’s, 60’s and 70’s “Oldies”. It is what we are best known for and what our loyal fans expect. Therefore, our first live band Album was destined to focus solely on those wonderful Oldies that tug at our memory strings and go right into our proverbial heart and soul.

Did you know that many articles have been written confirming that our brains actually prefer to hear music from our youth – and that those familiar sounds literally provide us with that wonderful “Cerebral Comfort Food”. Thus…from our own version of “Rock Around The Clock” that sets the albums stage, to songs by Dion, Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka, Bobby Darin, Elvis, Ritchie Valens, Frankie Valli and many more, we invite you too to listen and take in all of that “Comfort Food”. ~ PACO

Release Date: June 2021

Featured Video - Your Nobody Until Somebody Loves You

This is the last song on our new 20-song “Paco’s Oldies Vol 3” Album is one of my all-time favorites. I use it as my own “Theme Song” when performing. The lyrics underscore what a true life blessing it is to have family and friends that you love and in turn love you…the most precious gift to any of us in this lifetime.

Originally, we scheduled to film the video in February in Los Angeles on the ocean. However, Covid regulations preempted that and instead we decided to film it in July at our “summer camp” on the shores of beautiful Pleasant Lake in Southern Maine, where my own family “gathers”. It proved to be the perfect setting for the script, showing an older guy who realizes all too well what his life would have been like without his loving family to nurture, love and sustain him.

I can only hope that the message in the video can touch your heartstrings. Love…~ Paco

Paco: Vocals
Natalie Oronzo: Backing Vocals
Jesse Mattison: Piano
Jameson Stewart: Bass Guitar
Nick Barbuto: Drums
Santiago Lopez: Electric Guitar
Chris Dorsey: Trumpet



11. “Young Girl” (3:28)

Songwriters: James Glaser, Jimmy Payne
Publishing: Sony / ATV Music Publishing LLC

A cleverly worded lyrical ode to a guy who has discovered that the girl that he is dating is younger than the legal age of consent. She fooled him into thinking that she was much older and he is therefore imploring her to leave before they get in trouble. Kind of had this happen to me years ago but of course I was only 16 myself at the time, and found out that she was an Ohhh Nooo 14. In 1968 this song apparently resonated with many of us, as it hit No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. ~ PACO

12. “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” (3:10)

Songwriters: Edward Jr. Holland, Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland
Publishing: Sony / ATV Music Publishing LLC

A wonderful 1965 Motown hit song by The Four Tops…and it remains one of the best well-known Motown recordings of the 1960’s. The lyrics prove realistic for so many of us who have come to recognize and graciously accept that the female persona in a romantic relationship is often stronger than our own. Hey, what can I say…”I’m a fool in Love you see”. ~ PACO

13. “From A Jack To A King” (2:25)

Songwriters: Ned Miller
Publishing: Jamie Music Publishing Co, Raleigh Music Publishing

Originally a Country song for artist Ned Miller that was released in 1957. The song didn’t place well initially and was re-released again by Miller as a “cross-over” hit five years later. Many well-known artists subsequently covered and released the same song and our Band has picked up on Elvis’s own version, using of course our own unique approach to Oldies songs. ~ PACO

14. “Light My Fire” (5:10)

Songwriters: Jim Morrison, Robbie Krieger, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore
Publishing: Doors Music Co. / ASCAP

Five of the final songs on our album were selected by our terrific individual Paco Band musicians to highlight their instrumental and/or vocal talents…that they developed while attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Santiago Lopez, who hales originally from Quito, Ecuador selected the 1967 “long version” of “Light My Fire” by ‘The doors”, to show off his expressive guitar skills. His mid-song guitar riff is simply mind bendingly good. ~ PACO

15. “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” (2:35)

Songwriters: Don Raye, Hughie Prince
Publishing: The Songwriters Guild of America, Universal Music Publishing Group

Although this song hales from the early 1940’s, it is an “evergreen song” that lives on and is one of the best (in my opinion) songs ever recorded to dance to. Our female vocalist Natalie Oronzo chose it to highlight her vocal skills, and I am more than happy to sing background with her…in the style of the tremendous Andrews Sisters. Also featured in this song is the trumpet of our own Chris Dorsey, who is also an accomplished Berklee graduate. ~ PACO

16. “Mack The Knife” (3:37)

Songwriters: Don Raye, Hughie Prince
Publishing: The Songwriters Guild of America, Universal Music Publishing Group

When Nick Barbuto joined the Paco Band a few years ago he was still only fourteen, but a highly skilled and already accomplished drummer extraordinaire. He “solos” in this famous Bobby Darin song at both the beginning and the end. The song, made very popular by Darin is actually based on the deadly Mackie Messer or Mack The Knife (Macheath for short) in John Gay’s “The Beggars Opera”. The songs energy builds throughout, culminating in the final verse, which renders it very fun to sing. ~ PACO

17. “Hound Dog” (2:24)

Songwriters: Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
Publishing: Sony / ATV Music Publishing LLC

An original 1952, 12-bar blues song has been recorded by over 250 different artists…but the most famous recording was done by Elvis Presley in 1956 and it was his all-time best-selling song. Our tremendously talented bass and double-bass player Jameson Stewart chose this as his spotlight song for our album. I simply love his instrumental approach, which to me gives this classic an additional layer of musical soul. ~ PACO

18. “She’s Not There” (2:43)

Songwriters: Rodney Terence Argent
Publishing: Music Sales Corporation

The debut 1964 single by British Rock Band “The Zombies”, this song was chosen by our wonderful Paco Band keyboardist Jesse Mattison to highlight his own instrumental skills. Listen to his mid-song solo as his fingers literally fly and at the same time stir our deep-seated emotions. I love this version and am proud to be a small part of it. ~ PACO

19. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” (3:26)

Songwriters: Bob Crewe, Robert Gaudio
Publishing: Universal Music Publishing Group, Song/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Broma16

For my own vocal highlight song I chose this well-known 1967 single by Frankie Valli. The song has long been a staple of television and film soundtracks and I simply love the way that it soars, from almost a romantic whisper of adoration, to all-out “full-voice” display of love. ~ PACO

20. “You’re Nobody Until Somebody Loves You” (Featured Track) (3:23)

Songwriters: James Cavanaugh, Larry Stock, Russ Morgan
Publishing: Peermusic Publishing, Reservoir Media Management Inc

Although this song was originally published in 1944, it didn’t gain tremendous popularity until Dean Martin recorded and released it in 1964. Subsequently it has been covered by numerous artists, including more recently by Michael Buble’. I use Buble’s approach and have customized it into my own version. The “so-true to life” lyrics make it one of my personal favorite songs to perform and I consider it my “theme-song”. ~ PACO


Paco is a full-time singer, actor and entertainer, affiliated with Bristol
Recording Studios in Boston where he recorded this, his 9th CD Album of Oldies, featuring his live band. His albums and songs play
regularly on the radio and internet both in America and internationally, through AirPlayDirect out of Nashville, with many making it to “The Charts”. He is also signed with Strega Entertainment Group of Boston, LA and Nevada as his agents. Recently, they assisted him in forming his band, a six-member group of phenomenal young musicians primarily from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

They are already making waves in the music industry scene, from playing “Oldies” on the banks of the Charles River at Herter Park in Boston; to singing Christmas Classics at “Countdown to Christmas” in Celebration, FL complete with artificial snow; to bringing in the New Year on the big stage at Copley Square during Boston’s annual “First Night” activities. He also is a part time actor, DJ and party host…in films, TV commercials, voice-overs and events of all kinds. He resides in Gloucester, MA with his wife of 49 years and they are blessed with three wonderful children and five fantastic grandchildren.

Visit Paco on his website, and download his music as he appears in Spotify under "Paco". He can also be found on Facebook, ReverbNation, StarNow, Twitter, Instagram and many other media sites.
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    Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Michael Crawford, Andrea Bocelli and Michael Buble’
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    Frank Sinatra, Englebert Humperdink, Michael Buble', Neil Diamond, Dean Martin, Paul Anka
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