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Article Published on RYM
Article on RYM
It's always when you think that rock music has finished exploring every possibility that it still manages to surprise us.
A good French rock album, even though in English, is not to be missed - but what we have here is an excellent rock album with some surprising gothic touches.
Only 2 songs without special interest: N°s: 3 & 8.
Which leaves 9 songs (10 if we include the acoustic version of Save Me) which are perfect to re-visit many times. Mostly down tempo Rock, sometimes even slow, with two almost commercial pop songs (7 and 9) both very good!
The best song on the album is No: 11. Rage, with its, very strong superlative guitar riff. The difference between a good rock album and a very good rock album is the extra something special which makes it different from the rest.
The big plus here is the superb voice of Jaspa Saire, she truly transcends the vocals -touching an extra dimension, close vocally to Patricia Kaas (don’t laugh its' a compliment!) achieving what Kaas could have done had she embraced Rock.
If you like French Rock and lovely female vocals, go for it!


Article in La Strada N° 101
Article in the Strada

Save Me
A remarkably composed album, eagerly awaited by a growing fan base !
The sound is uncut Rock with shards of blues and folk in which the voice of Jaspa excels (she's from London)...
The musicians, experienced rockers (Phillipe Besson : guitar, Franck Abou : bass + voice,  Didier Porte : drums + voice) are fabulous.
The Album starts with "Save Me" a daringly arousing Hit (we find it again at the end of the album in a very different and moving acoustic version)...then a rock 'anthem' "Wise to your Lies ", follows a ballad "Will I see you again" . . then (west coast style) "Don't Walk Away". . which is completely charming.
To be noted.. throughout the album, the deep, enveloping rock sound of 'Papa' Besson's guitar) I am completely seduced by their dozen original songs .
If you like Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane or Tina Turner, you will be thrilled !