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  • UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS|Joyful production of your favorite Christmas Songs!
  • CAROLINE DARE|A Youthful Infusion of Holiday Cheer!
  • JOHN ZIPPERER|9 months on Roots Music Report Americana Country Chart
  • DAVID BRITTON| "Powerful voice, stunning Christmas arrangements!"
  • JUUBILEE RIOTS|(formerly Enter The Haggis) Going For Radio Adds Now!
  • KATHY BOYD & PHOENIX RISING|Original holiday music with a timeless sound and feel
  • LARRY CARLTON| "Classic holiday songs with  fresh, intimate arrangements"
  • RICK LANG|Timeless Original Christmas Songs
  • JIM ED BROWN|Classic "Brownsesque" harmonies take on a new life
  • TRACY NEWMAN|A young girl sings to her mama on Christmas
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