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  • ENTER THE HAGGIS| "Inspired, passionate and cinematic Folk Rock"
  • THE HELLO STRANGERS|Americana duo acclaimed debut album
  • WAYNE TAYLOR|Songs That Create A Colorful Tapestry of Music
  • THE TEXAS KGB|Original Organic Americana Music
  • KLEEN|A dark, compelling journey to the middle of your mind.
  • BUSTER JIGGS|A True Taste of Texas Rock
  • LINDA RONSTADT|15 Great Duets w/ 12 of the World's Most Famous Voices
  • TOM RANDLES|Aural vision. Pure sound. What music should be.
  • GEORGE DUCAS|Breakout single from Ducas' latest project 4340
  • MARK NEWTON AND STEVE THOMAS|Two bluegrass journeymen join forces on "Reborn"
  • MOORE & MOORE|Sassy, Smooth and Rock Solid Sibling Harmony
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