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  • DREW DAVIS|Country Rockin' with a SWERVE...
  • FAR-WEST COMPILATION|FAR-West Music - bringing the best to the West
  • the BLOODY JUG BAND|Florida's Most Wanted JUG-Heads are Back!!!
  • RINCE CALDER|An emerging prodigy on the works - Calder Records, Inc
  • DOUG PRESCOTT BAND|Fresh Blues Infused Roots Music With A Touch Of Twang
  • JOEY'S SONG PRESENTS CHRISTMAS IS|Unique songs for your Xmas playlist and Charity
  • J'SIN LYNCH|A well recorded and played hard rock gem
  • BASKERY|Innovative Sound That Never Stops Surprising
  • SONGDRIVEN CHRISTIAN VOL. 1|Powerful, Inspiring Songs and Wonderful Songwriting
  • GARY CURTIS|A rare talent with a great voice ~ Lee Williams CMR
  • TOM RANDLES|Aural vision. Pure sound. What music should be.
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