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  • ROMAN BARTEN-SHERMAN| A rare mastery of pre-war acoustic country blues, ballads & spirituals.
  • PAUL KAYE|A craftsman's touch, a Bluesman's feel, and a teacher's fervor
  • LANEY AND BISHOP|A progressive rendition of a bluegrass classic!
  • L.A. BIG DADDY'S|Making Music Properly
  • CABELA AND SCHMITT|It isn't about replacing love we've lost, but about adding more love.
  • ROGER HURRICANE WILSON|"Today is the tomorrow that you feared yesterday."
  • CHRIS MYERS|Everything good starts with One In A Row
  • PICKIN' ON THE DOORS|Pickin' On The Doors covers one of the most iconic bands of the 60s!
  • MARTY FALLE|"Contemporary Bluegrass with reverence to his Appalachia Roots"
  • WENDY GROSSMAN|Timeless British Isles & American folk music, traditional & modern
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