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  • PICKIN' ON CARRIE UNDERWOOD|The American Idol star's hits get a rustic bluegrass sound.
  • JOSE RAMIREZ|About an attraction so crazy you're willing to put everything on the line
  • PARIS DELANE|In Loving Memory... A voice that draws you in with messages from his heart and soul.
  • BIG TIME SARAH|Most of the music was recorded live as it happened in the studio, and most on the first take.
  • BLUE HIGHWAY|Traditional bluegrass with a modern flair
  • SHIRLEY JOHNSON|The vanguard of a remarkable revival of the Chicago female blues singer.
  • ALECIA NUGENT|"a voice that was born to blend with fiddle and steel guitar" ~ Robert K. Oermann
  • HILLSTAXX|New to the scene, Hillstaxx vibe is a cross between Amy WInehouse & Emmy Lou Harris.
  • MAGIC SAM|Recorded on October - November 1968. Magic Sam's last album. He was only 32.
  • PACO|"1950's & 60's Oldies fly us back to a gentler, friendlier time"
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