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  • CLAY DUBOSE| Winning fans with his blend of country, rock and blues
  • PICKIN' ON COUNTRY Valentine's Day|The perfect country & bluegrass soundtrack to a very special day!
  • EARWIG PRESENTS BLUE VALENTINE|I wanna know why in the world we love each other so
  • GARY NICHOLS|A new single from a soulful, Grammy winning, bluegrass great
  • THE KODY NORRIS SHOW|A rousing feel-good number from bluegrass music's most colorful band!
  • VSQ VALENTINE'S COLLECTION|Favorites, old and new, adapted into romantic mini-symphonies!
  • COREY HARRIS|Genre-bending blues & roots masterpiece
  • BILLY DROZE|In todays world, here's a song with a great reminder, it's ok to be ok
  • STARLETT & BIG JOHN|An ode to simpler times from this up-and-coming trad. bluegrass duo
  • ROGER "HURRICANE" WILSON|If not for Link Wray, I would not have picked up a guitar. ~ Pete Townsend
  • CARL ARTER|Brings to the world the unique piano artistry of a Pittsburgh legend
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