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  • CHRISTONE "KINGFISH" INGRAM|Grammy-nominated blues star burns on Michael Burks gem!
  • PARIS DELANE|A voice that draws you in with messages from his heart and soul.
  • RANDALL FRANKS|Bluegrass/Gospel/Americana
  • ROSCO BANDANA|Whether loud & rowdy or quiet & contemplative, Rosco Bandana balances both extremes perfectly
  • PICKIN' ON COUNTRY Valentine's Day|The perfect country & bluegrass soundtrack to a very special day!
  • SCOTT TAYLOR|"I know I was put on this earth to make music and generate love."
  • JUNIOR SISK|"LILY DALE" - New single  from The Champion of Traditional Grass
  • PI JACOBS|LA Roots Rocker Releases New Single - "Rearview"
  • DAVID STARR|Beauty & Ruin is my most deeply personal project yet!
  • SHANE HARBIN FABER|Life, love and lessons learned... better late than never.
  • MICHAEL"IRONMAN" BURKS|Searing guitar and soulful vocals from a great modern bluesman
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