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  • BOBBY SMITH|Tennessee Bluegrass Superstar! Digital release of lost classic!
  • APD GLOBAL RADIO SHOWCASE|"Americana Unlimited"
  • DAVE HOLE|Exhilarating Slide Guitar Blues from Down Under.
  • CARRIE CUNNINGHAM|A modern day Bobby Gentry wth soul
  • DON RENO|Banjo legend and hall-of-famer! Digital release of lost classic!
  • ANDY MICHAELS|An Eclectic work of Musical Art reminiscent of Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams
  • BUZZ CASON|This record is a slice of my musical life.  Buzz
  • MISSOURI MILE|Road-tested music... a welcome chord to the Americana market!
  • SCOTT TAYLOR|Hitting the sweet spot in blues and R&B
  • CURLY SECKLER|Famed bluegrassers keep truckin'! Digital release of lost classic
  • ELVIN BISHOP'S BIG FUN TRIO|More good 'n greasy blues and R&B from these 2017 Grammy nominees
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