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  • THE BOXMASTERS|The latest release from The Boxmasters featuring Billy Bob Thornton.
  • WILLIE BUCK|"Old school" blues at its best!
  • CABELA AND SCHMITT|Presenting our delightful detour into the realm of country music!
  • KOKO TAYLOR|Remastered classics from the Queen of the Blues
  • CHRIS CAIN|"Chris Cain? Now that boy can PLAY the guitar!" - B.B. King
  • SIDESHOW TRAMPS|The Roots, Blues, Americana, Folk-Rock Revelation
  • PACO|Your Oldies and 60's / 70's Pop favorites compiled into one album!
  • TAKE YOUR PICK |The pairing of modern Eastern and Western guitar styles.
  • MAC WISEMAN|Mac Wiseman takes on 22 Western Swing hits on this classic 1980 album
  • JOE DIFFIE|A wholly realized effort that delivers the quintessential bluegrass experience.
  • JOHN OATES|Legendary John Oates and His Band
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