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  • JIMMY JOHNSON|His high-register singing is stunning combined with fluent note-bending guitar work - Jim O'Neal - Living Blues
  • CABELA AND SCHMITT|Christmas with Cabela and Schmitt
  • JEFFREY BRIGGS|APD chart-topper recorded in the closet of a rented room for family and friends.
  • Susan Boyle | Holiday Classics from this musical wonder.
  • RIDERS IN THE SKY|Modern torchbearers of the cowboy singing tradition, Riders in the Sky, adaption of holiday tunes.
  • Paco|The true spirit of Christmas is in the joy of children
  • CAROLYN WONDERLAND|Extraordinary guitar, powerful original songs & passionate vocals
  • Elvin Bishop & CHARLIE MUSSLEMAN|First-ever album by legendary bluesmen Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite
  • DANA COOPER|Long awaited new single from Dana Cooper "Always Old Friends"
  • SACKVILLE ALL STARS|A timeless record comprised of a wonderful mix of traditional carols going back to the 1500's
  • DAVID STARR|New single release every month for one year!
  • A BLUES CHRISTMAS|12 blues gems of genuine holiday-rocking' music
  • STOMP BOX HOLIDAY|An infectious, rootsy EP guaranteed to liven up Americana & Alt-Country playlists!
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