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  • CABELA AND SCHMITT|New classic rock... A message of reassurance & commitment in challenging times.
  • LITTLE MOSES JONES|A New Vibe Inspired From Good Old Soul & Hip-Hop!
  • DINAH WASHINGTON|Featuring Lucky Thompson, Milt Jackson, and Charles Mingus.
  • JIMMY FORREST|Swinging no-nonsense bebop
  • BILL TOMS & HARD RAIN|Encouraging hope, faith, and inclusion as we move forward.
  • DAVID STARR|Beauty & Ruin is my most deeply personal project yet!
  • DAVID NAIDITCH|Chromatic harmonica virtuoso plays bluegrass & swing instrumentals with an all-star cast.
  • JIMMY DAWKINS|From 1971: Dawkins at his best, featuring Big Voice Odom & Otis Rush
  • PICKIN' ON NANCY SINATRA|Irresistible western pop hits meet a divine bluegrass landscape.
  • RANDALL FRANKS AMERICANA YOUTH|Youth-Fueled Appalachian Sounds That Strike A New Chord
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