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  • JOHNNY YARD DOG JONES|soulful vocals & flowing harmonica solos
  • ANGELS SING THE BLUES|These blues divas ease from rowdy & risque to sweet & soulfu
  • LES COPELAND|A passle of tunes infused by a well worn life
  • BLUEGRASS AT THE CROSSROADS|Spotlighting creative & collaborative musical encounters in bluegrass
  • CABELA AND SCHMITT|Treasure and make the most of special times with loved ones!
  • VSQ PERFORMS KATE BUSH|VSQ's amazing string rendition of Kate Bush's global hit!!
  • MMG Premium Sampler Volume 3|Southern Gospel, Country Gospel & Mainstream Country Hits in the making
  • CHRISTONE "KINGFISH" INGRAM|Grammy-nominated blues star's first original Christmas song
  • L.A. BIG DADDY'S|Music Played Properly
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