Posted on October 1, 2023


Rachael Kilgour is pleased to announce the release of her new album “My Father Loved Me”.

Rachael Kilgour offers an exquisite tribute to her late father in her fourth full-length collection, “My Father Loved Me”, produced by JUNO Award-winning songwriter Rose Cousins and recorded in the senior Kilgour's native Canada.

In the spare, often gutting language for which she is known, Kilgour gives us a complex portrait of a man as seen through his daughter's eyes. With unwavering acuity, she poses questions about identity, inheritance, and grief, and affirms the value of one ordinary working man's life to an often indifferent world.

With this album, Kilgour reveals something about what the living owes each other. “In our mourning rituals," says Racheal Kilgour, "I think we’re really convincing ourselves that our own lives matter, that we will have an impact and be remembered."

Kilgour goes on to say, "My father had a very average life for a man of his time, a small life that didn’t involve grandeur of any kind at all. I needed to prove to myself and to the world that lives lived like that are still worth celebrating, still worth living.”

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