Posted on February 17, 2023


Grant Peeples is pleased to announce the release of his new record, “A Murder of Songs”.

“A Murder of Songs” is a collection of nine songs recorded over two years in the throes of the pandemic and in ten different recording studios. Despite that challenge, the album provides a cohesive message of reflection, anger, and wistfulness about current socio-political conditions in the U.S.


"The opening track, 'Brothers in Arms', was written by Mark Knopfler and performed by Dire Straits in 1983; it was 'informed' by the Falklands War. Two songs are co-writes with people I doubt you’ve ever heard of. Two songs are over twelve years old, one of which I recorded for a record I have tried to permanently extract from my body of work," explains Grant Peeples. "There’s one I will never play live, and one I can’t imagine ever doing another show without playing. But all of them sit on the tip of the same arrow. Or at least that’s how I aimed with this project. A few songs into the album and you’ll probably get what’s going on."

Peeples continues to say, "I’m very excited to work with AirPlay Direct on this release. Much appreciation for all they do to get our music heard by the people that matter.

"AirPlay Direct continues to be THE discovery place for roots music. Well-known artists and indies alike get strong responses there organically and even more when promoted by APD," explains Art Menius, owner of Art Menius Radio. "I have maintained my folk and bluegrass radio database since August 1984, but promotions on the service consistently lead to new broadcaster contacts."

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