Posted on September 9, 2022

Rebel Records is excited to announce the release of Starlett & Big John’s first Rebel single, “Straight 58.”

“Starlett (Boswell) and I have agreed for a while that we needed to write a song about Highway 58, which is the main road that parallels the Virginia / North Carolina line and stretches the full length of the state,” Big John Talley reflects. “Coincidentally, both of us live right off of the Highway but three hours apart from each other. So, one night when she had left my house after a rehearsal to head home, she called back to tell me it was raining. 'I said be careful since Highway 58 is so straight' and she replied, ‘Yes Straight 58 back to the mountains.'"

Big John further says, "She immediately began humming a melody and told me to grab a pen and we then began writing the song. We started going back and forth with the wording and trying to put a heartbreak twist on it, along the lines of other memorable road songs we were familiar with, like ‘Highway 40 Blues’ or ‘Lost Highway.’ And that’s how ‘Straight 58’ was born.'”

Bluegrass - Americana - Acoustic

“I first became aware of Starlett & Big John at a showcase of theirs I dropped in on at The World of Bluegrass in Raleigh,” says Rebel owner Mark Freeman. “What I saw blew me away: Starlett’s powerful voice, their dynamic stage presence, and to top it all off the amazing songs they had written. By the end of the showcase, I knew we had to get them on the label.” 

Freeman goes on to say, “Our partnership with AirPlay Direct is the perfect vehicle for getting their music into the hands of many radio stations quickly. We are so excited to share their talents with others!”

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