Posted on July 7, 2021

In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the release of “Hillbilly Love”, the Troubadours of Divine Bliss are pleased to announce the release of their new live, acoustic version of “Hillbilly Love”.

“In our 25 years of traveling this world, we always look forward to returning to our little cabin tucked away in the hills. As soon as the tires hit the gravel road, we start to unload and unwind as we look forward to our little piece of paradise at the end of the path.  It is a sense so sublime, and we could barely communicate how it feels until we heard ‘Hillbilly Love’," says Aim Me & Renee, Troubadours of Divine Bliss. "'It’s a magnificent feeling’ …it’s ‘a unique way of living’…it’s ‘the most awesome-ist ever’ …it’s called ‘Hillbilly Love’!"

Aim Me & Renee continue to say, “Since that magical evening, we have been singing along with this ‘cultural evolution written in the mountains and the stars’. We are two people who try to ‘lead by living’ and ‘be true to who (we) you are’.

One evening we got so inspired that we decided to cover this incredible, supercharged anthem with which we feel so much kinship. We turned on the camera and captured a live, acoustic version of ‘Hillbilly Love’ to share with all of you. May it inspire you, as it did us, to renew your appreciation and dedication to this ‘unique way of living’ they call ‘Hillbilly Loooove’…!”

Americana - Folk - Acoustic Rock
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“The Troubadours Of Divine Bliss have created something truly special and magical with their new live, acoustic version of ‘Hillbilly Love’," says Lynda Weingartz, CEO - Hillbilly Love. "They took a great song and made it their own. Their signature vocals and enchanted harmonies are in full display on this acoustic gem.”

Hillbilly Love is a family focused, community driven company; a brand with a purpose. It is something more than just words can say. Hillbilly Love is an honest state of mind… a proud way of life.

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