Posted on June 21, 2021

L.A. based recording artist Asphalt Jones is pleased to announce the global radio release of his new single, “Dead Boy Hall Of Fame”.

Asphalt Jones’ epic musical thriller “Dead Boy Hall Of Fame” takes you on a real-time journey with a highly-motivated seeker of justice in active pursuit of the twisted souls and criminal minds he hunts.

Via Asphalt’s powerful and haunting vocal delivery, you will take each step with this inspired crime-fighter as his very words create the dark images and mental scenery where justice is ultimately served.

“The whole experience of writing and recording ‘Dead Boy Hall Of Fame’ with my musical brother Dr. T. Roberts was amazing, but also very intense for me as an artist," says Asphalt Jones, Independent Artist. "This performance required me to not only dig deep into my musical skills, but also compelled me to draw heavily upon my acting chops. It was with that ‘all-in’, creative mindset that I was able to harness the internal focus and fire-power required to creatively explore and then deliver upon a track as powerful as ‘Dead Boy Hall Of Fame’.”

"Dead Boy Hall Of Fame" is "Judge and Jury" for Asphalt Jones' huge cinematic gamer musical tour de force! And we like it!"  ~ AB Walker, EH Music

"Like Charles Bronson’s “Paul Kersey” in the iconic film "Death Wish,” "Dead Boy Hall of Fame" by Asphalt Jones shoots the listener into a modern rhythmic hip-hop/rock experience that vocally ricochets a unique tale of a hero fighting crime by taking justice into his own hands."  ~ Randall Franks, American Actor/Entertainer

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