Posted on April 20, 2021

“It’s been almost a year since we originally released 'Hillbilly Love' to global radio, and radio programmers around the world are still discovering and introducing their listeners to this track," said Lynda Weingartz, CEO & Founder - Hillbilly Love. "We knew when we recorded and released this song independently that the very timely message of 'Hillbilly Love’ was going to be important to people around the world, especially in this troubled world in which we live.

Weingartz continues to say, “Our goal is to share the message of Hillbilly Love, while creating positive opportunities to serve our communities, and to support our children's future. We truly appreciate and would like to thank global radio and your listeners around the world for your on-going support.”

Country Rock - Americana

"Giving an amazing beat to the heart of 'Hillbilly Love', Scott Holstein evokes a great evolution for our culture found in the souls of our independent spirits who rise above it all to do better for their community," says Randall Franks, Appalachian Artist / Actor. "The potent simplicity found in perfectly-penned words that reflect the importance of faith, family and friends is solidly layered upon an uplifting musical track that reflects a future country anthem speaking to the human spirit of anyone who has the rhythm of the mountains coursing through their veins."

"Scott Holstein's twangy single "Hillbilly Love" harkens back to the Outlaw Country movement spearheaded back in the '70s by Willie, Waylon and the boys," said Eleni P. Austin - Writer / Music reviewer. "His grumbly baritone offers a wry shout-out to those forgotten folks whose cultural evolution was written in the mountains and the stars.? Gritty electric guitars and keening lap steel, the song locks into a four-on-the-floor groove. Equal parts sincere and sardonic, it's the perfect antidote to the Summertime blahs."

"With a smooth baritone voice and symphonic Telecaster twang, Scott Holstein has crafted the perfect anthem for music fans to break out of their quarantine blues," says Chuck Armstrong - A Pastor & Writer living in New Your City. "Turning his focus to the simple yet faithful devotion of hillbilly love, Holstein invites listeners into his world, one full of humor, friendship, and positive vibes. "Hillbilly love, you can't always win," he sings in the chorus, "But you can always do better." Harkening memories of the great Merle Haggard or Waylon Jennings, Holstein gives fans a memorable track for the summer that will no doubt have them dancing around their living rooms as soon as the first strum hits their ears."

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