Posted on February 7, 2021

Hit 2020 Summer Time single “Hillbilly Love” continues to gain traction globally and has now been added to 200+ radio stations around the world.

"Giving an amazing beat to the heart of 'Hillbilly Love', Scott Holstein evokes a great evolution for our culture found in the souls of our independent spirits who rise above it all to do better for their community," says Randall Franks, Appalachian Artist / Actor. "The potent simplicity found in perfectly-penned words that reflect the importance of faith, family and friends is solidly layered upon an uplifting musical track that reflects a future country anthem speaking to the human spirit of anyone who has the rhythm of the mountains coursing through their veins."

Country Rock - Americana

"Hillbilly Love" takes you on a whirlwind ride through a current snapshot of a life lived wherein the simpler things really do matter most; even more so in these trying times. It's the magic, mystery and beauty of a new found cultural evolution... written in the mountains and in the stars...

“We knew when we recorded and released this song independently that the very timely message of ‘Hillbilly Love’ was going to be important to people around the world, especially in this troubled world in which we live," said Lynda Weingartz, CEO & Founder - Hillbilly Love. "Our company Hillbilly Love was created to highlight, feature and support the wonderful message and lifestyle of hill-folk and mountain people around the world. It’s amazing, every time I speak with someone about our message of Hillbilly Love, they almost always lovingly reflect back upon their own family heritage from various mountain ranges and hilltops from around the world."

Lynda continues by saying, "Take the Hillbilly Love Challenge… just sing these amazing lyrics to this song out loud, one time and tell me if it doesn’t make you feel a little better about yourself… and life! Hopefully, it will also inspire you to want to reach out and do something special for your family, friends and community… now’s the time to share a little Hillbilly Love.”

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