Posted on May 17, 2020

AirPlay Direct is pleased to announce that recording artist Randall Franks is the first grant recipient of the new AirPlay Direct “2020 Evolution Grants”program.

“We believe in the determination of our industry to not only survive this tragic time, but to evolve, learn and grow during the process," says Lynda Weingartz / CEO – AirPlay Direct. "Our new “2020 Evolution Grants”program was created to support, educate and enrich the global music community, both artists and small businesses alike. Randall is a gifted artist and we are proud and honored to be working with him to help grow his brand and career.”

In keeping with our professional commitment to our AirPlay Direct members and the global music community at large, we recently discussed and examined how we could create additional, positive opportunities to inspire our professional colleagues to evolve, prosper and thrive during these challenging times.

AirPlay Direct is pleased to announce the launch of our new “APD 2020 Evolution Grants”program. With financial resources being strained like never before, these educational grants will provide several artists and labels with the professional resources and training necessary to properly promote their music to global radio, grow their brand, and how to ultimately increase their global radio distribution footprint.

“Since March like many other musicians, I have sought ways to keeping my creative opportunities alive,” said Randall Franks, Independent Artist / Producer. “Hearing the news that I am the first recipient of the 2020 Evolution Grant provided an uplifting revelation that the future is not dictated by the bleak forecast of what we see around us. Grants such as these can help a musician or singer strive each day not to waste a single opportunity to forge new music, appeal to new audience members, build relationships that open future doors, and strive to draw new listeners to the creations of their heart.

Frank's goes on to say, "Though words are plentiful, none can exactly grasp the depth of my gratitude to AirPlay Direct for their interest and faith in my ability to continue to grow as an artist through this award,” he said. “It will allow me to strive towards yet unimagined goals that further fortify the significance others find in my music, while I reach higher towards the momentum of my dreams. Thanks to Lynda and Robert Weingartz for their faith in my future!”

AirPlay Direct actively encourages and recommends that every independent artist and label use some of this new-found down time to evolve through education in this new music industry paradigm. Increased radio activity and presence will help artists to book dates for future tours, promote upcoming new releases, and most importantly… it keeps their names on people's tongues, and their music in their ears. Also, many small entertainment industry related businesses are finding it very difficult to afford and identify new ways to properly promote and advertise their businesses to recording artists and the global music community at large. We will be awarding several businesses with “2020 Evolution Grants” as well.

AirPlay Direct is now accepting registration submissions for these limited “2020 Evolution Grant” opportunities. You do not need to be a current AirPlay Direct member to apply. There will be 5 “2020 Evolution Grants”for each of the above qualified, professional categories.

 “2020 Evolution Grants” include:

 AirPlay Direct Artist “2020 Evolution Grants”

1. A three-hour APD global radio tutorial and an APD platform introduction

2. An APD Platinum Pro Artist account that allows you to upload 10 albums from your catalogue

3. A $1,000 AirPlay Direct Advertising Campaign

AirPlay Direct Record Label “2020 Evolution Grants”

1. A three-hour APD global radio tutorial and an APD platform introduction

2. An APD Platinum Label account that allows you to upload up to 250 albums from your catalogue

3. A $5,000 AirPlay Direct Advertising Campaign

AirPlay Direct Small Business “2020 Evolution Grants”

1. A three-hour APD global radio tutorial and an APD platform introduction

2. A $10,000 AirPlay Direct Business Advertising Campaign

For more information and a registration application please reach out to Lynda at

About AirPlay Direct: AirPlay Direct is the premiere digital delivery / distribution company, brand and platform for engaging radio and airplay worldwide. AirPlay Direct is a professional B2B music business environment for artists, labels, publishing companies, radio promotion firms, PR / Media firms, etc.

AirPlay Direct currently has over 11,000 radio station members in 100+ countries and serves over 44,000 artist / label members globally on a daily basis. AirPlay Direct currently operates and services the largest global independent radio distribution network in the world with respect to Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, Alt. Country, Roots Music, etc.

AirPlay Direct offers a variety of specialized professional services to work your music and brand to global radio, but specialize and EXCEL at advanced strategies and promotions for global radio. The APD Eco-System is an amazing business platform for artists, labels, managers, etc., to securely and effectively deliver, market and promote their music to radio stations around the world.

About Collective Evolution: Collective Evolution is a boutique, high-end entertainment and media consulting firm. Our clients include recording artists, record labels, record producers, management companies and radio promotion / PR firms. We deliver creative consultative services and customized business solutions to our clients based upon their specific needs and goals.

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