Posted on April 19, 2020

During quarantine, fans are turning to radio for entertainment and comfort. Likewise, artists are searching for ways to build upon their brand during the virus shutdown. Smart artist’s are also dedicating more time to working on building professional relationships with global radio programmers.

The big question for artists and labels right now… how do I continue to find unique ways to grow my brand, business and career during this shutdown? Smart, growth-focused, motivated artists and labels are aggressively working their catalogs to global radio right now.

At this time of global quarantine, radio is also conducting more Skype and phone interviews than ever before. Social media is great, but over-saturated at this point.

Radio however is growing, thriving and creating new opportunites for pro-active artists and labels. The question, are you loving your catalog and growing your global radio distribution footprint, or are you missing out on this time-sensitive opportunity?

 If you’re interested in learning more about radio’s growth globally, the below articles are a good place to start.


April 23rd & May 5th, 16th & 21st

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