Posted on June 10, 2019

AirPlay Direct is honored to name “uber-talented” and industry beloved Shaun Murphy as our first Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

“Shaun is a creative lady and artist of the highest caliber… just ask anyone who has ever had the privilege of performing with her! Her voice is amazing, but what makes her truly special… her ‘spirit’ lights up any room that she enters," says Lynda Weingartz, CEO - AirPlay Direct. I have had the pleasure of listening to a couple of the songs from Shaun’s new forthcoming album… Shaun is truly amazing and shines brilliantly.” 

Bob Seger & Shaun Murphy

As an integral component to the AirPlay Direct “Lifetime Achievement” Award, AirPlay Direct is honoring Miss Murphy with a $50,000 AirPlay Direct “Marketing & Awareness” Campaign to promote her upcoming new album, and to accelerate her on-going brand development and global radio distribution footprint for her new release and catalogue.

Shaun Murphy

”Wow, what a grand life I have had the absolute joy to live… and there is much more to come," says Shaun Murphy - Artist, Visionary & Entrepreneur. "There are far too many people for me to thank everyone personally; I will however mention a few. Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Meatloaf, the Moody Blues. Little Feat, Punch Andrews… what an amazing life.

When I look back upon my life and artistic contributions to the fabric of what has become rock ‘n’ roll history, and all the wonderful opportunities that were made available to me, I am honestly amazed. However, at this point in my life I also truly understand and realize all of the hard work and personal sacrifices that I had to make to achieve this very special moment in my life.

AirPlay Direct honoring me with their very first ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ is very humbling and surreal. I know in my soul that I have truly earned this award."

Murphy further states, "However, it is still very difficult to process this accolade and the gravity of what my art and life have meant to so many others… it is a very powerful and professionally satisfying feeling.

I want to acknowledge and thank AirPlay Direct, and my friends Lynda and Robert Weingartz for their genuine and consistent support for me and my art.

I look forward with great anticipation to sharing

Shaun Murphy

my new album Reason To Try with you this Summer in August of 2019. Until then… I hope that you all will continue to believe in yourselves, as I have believed in myself.”

A little about Shaun’s incredible career:

Murphy shared the stage with many Detroit-based bands, including Wilson Mower Pursuit and Jake Wade and the Soul Searchers, in venues such as Detroit's Grande Ballroom, as well as the first Ann Arbor Blues Festival in

Meatloaf & Shaun Murphy

1969, along with various large state fairground music venues. She was soon noticed by an employee of Motown in a touring theater production along with Texas native Meat Loaf. The two were signed by Rare Earth Records, a division of Motown Records, as Stoney and Meatloaf in 1971.

After a period of inactivity with the new division of Motown in Los Angeles, she left Motown and contacted Detroit music producer Punch Andrews for possible

opportunities. Murphy then relocated back to Detroit in 1973 to work with Bob Seger. She has continued to work with Seger in the studio since 1973, in addition to performing on all of his tours since 1978.

She returned again to live in Los Angeles in 1985 while working with Eric Clapton on his Behind the Sunalbum. Murphy joined Clapton's band for the ensuing tour, which included Live Aid.

Murphy's career in vocals has been both as band lead singer and session singer. She has sung, toured, and

Marcy Levy, Eric Clapton & Shaun Murphy

recorded with such acts as the Moody Blues, Bob Seger, Herbie Hancock, Phil Collins, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Maria Muldaur, Bruce Hornsby, Michael Bolton, Coco Montoya, Alice Cooper, Little Feat and rock musicals, Hair and Sgt. Pepper's, etc.

Little Feat: Paul Barrere, Sam Clayton, Bill Payne, Ken Gradney, Richie Hayward (In Front), Shaun Murphy, & Fred Tackett

In 1993, she became a full-time member of the Los Angeles-based band Little Feat. She stayed on for the next fifteen years, recording and touring with them until 2009.

In September 2009 the Shaun Murphy Band released the album Livin' The Blues. A second album, The Trouble With Lovin', followed in 2010. Late in 2011, Murphy released a DVD and live album both titled Shaun Murphy Live at Callahan's, recorded at Callahan's Music Hall, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Her album Ask for the Moon, released in 2012, was nominated for three Grammy

Awards and won two Blues Blast music awards. She released Cry Of Lovein 2013. Loretta was released in February 2015. Mighty Gates was released in October 2017 on Vision Wall Records.

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