Posted on April 26, 2019

Turnberry Records Recording Artists Nu-Blu are pleased to announce the release of new material, as well as their entire catalog to global radio, and the music industry at large.

"It's always exciting when we have new music to release, but this time, it's much more than just one song!" We've got our first ever DVD "The Stories We Can Tell" releasing with the new single "One Tear," and by working together with AirPlay Direct we are to the point where we can offer our entire music catalog to radio!

Our story starts with our love of traditional bluegrass, which is why doing a cover of the Osborne Brothers classic "One Tear" made sense as the song to go along with the DVD that tells our story.

However we hope that radio programmers will

quickly realize by going through our catalog,

that their is much more than bluegrass to Nu-Blu. We believe a good song is a good song, and that as long as it carries the emotion and intent, that it doesn't matter what genre the music falls into.

We hope everyone enjoys taking the journey with us from our beginnings in bluegrass to Americana, Country, Rock, and... well whatever you wanna call it... we just hope it touches your soul, and creates a moment and memory that makes you smile! "

~ Daniel & Carolyn Routh, Turnberry Records Recording Artists

Bluegrass - Americana

Bluegrass - Americana


Bluegrass - Americana Country

Bluegrass - Americana


Gospel - Bluegrass

Contemporary Christian

Bluegrass - Country


Bluegrass - Americana

Acoustic Country

Christmas - Country


“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Nu-Blu perform, evolve, write and record over the past decade… they always deliver! I believe that anyone who takes the time to listen to their body of work will find a few tracks that you will absolutely love. I’m a believer… give it a spin and I bet you’ll be one too.”

~ Robert Weingartz, Chairman - AirPlay Direct

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