Posted on June 2, 2018

BHP Recordings is pleased to announce the release of the new Missouri Mile record “A Million Miles Away” to global radio via AirPlay Direct.

Sisters Sheena and Sheila found their love of music through the ever-present strum of their father's guitar throughout their childhood. His generous introduction to country classics from the stage of the local tavern made music magical and inspired the girls to pursue performing.

 “This new record by Missouri Mile is a peek into the very soul of two sisters that have grown up and evolved together musically. They were very fortunate to have developed a strong professional and personal relationship with Byron Hill along the way. This record is a perfect example of what can happen when you are truly talented and believe in yourself… well done!”  ~ Robert Weingartz, Chairman - AirPlay Direct 

"Writing the songs for this project was so rewarding for us. We think there is something that everyone can relate to on this EP. We are so thankful for the support of our fans and being able to continue to do what we love!!"  ~ Missouri Mile, Independent Artist

"This collection of new songs from Missouri Mile is Americana music at it's best! You can hear every mile of where these girls have been and where they are going in their new EP.... A Million Miles Away."  ~ Byron Hill, Producer

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