Posted on January 10, 2018

Dry Heat Records is proud to release the catalogue of “Poppa” Steve Mutimer to global radio exclusively via AirPlay Direct.

“Poppa” Steve Mutimer began his musical career at age eight with his first set of drums. He took lessons from Benny Goodman’s noted big band drummer, Ray Mann, until age twelve. Over the next fifty years he has worked in various disciplines of music expanding his creative talents into film and video production plus digital music composition.

"They don’t call me Poppa Steve for nothin’… been around music a long, loooong time!  Started my first band in 1958 as a drummer for cryin’ out loud," says Poppa Steve, Independent Artist.  "Anyway, I’ve seen and heard a lot of musical technical changes and directions over the years and pretty much thought I’d seen it all."

Poppa Steve further states, "But then I found AirPlay Direct and bingo binky, there really is something truly new, exceptionally professional and undeniably unique.  These folks are the real McCoy, an honest deal.  Robert and Lynda are exceptional individuals but are dynamic as a team.  Their knowledge, experience and expertise has been no small part of the radio revolution of the past several years and they continue to break new ground that will benefit all of us in the music business.  I’m proud to be affiliated with them and have expectations of some very exciting things to come. Stay tuned!"

“Steve’s music is unique and contagious," says Robert Weingartz, Chairman - AirPlay Direct.  "It contains a very-real consistency in the way it touches people. Different songs for different folks; variety is the spice of life… good stuff!”
Americana - Country Americana - Funk - Country Blues
Jazz+Funk - Fusion - Classic Rock
About AirPlay Direct:  AirPlay Direct is the premiere digital delivery / distribution company, brand and platform for engaging radio and airplay worldwide.  AirPlay Direct is a professional B2B music business environment for artists, labels, publishing companies, radio promotion firms, PR / Media firms, etc.

AirPlay Direct currently has 11,000 radio station members in over 90 countries and serves over 42,000 artist / label members globally on a daily basis.  AirPlay Direct currently operates and services the largest global independent radio distribution network in the world with respect to Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, Alt. Country, Roots Music, etc.

About the Direct Buzz:  The Direct Buzz is a quarterly digital music magazine, which operates as a direct portal between your music and artistry to the APD 11,000 radio station members in over 90 countries, the APD 42,000 artist / label members, and the global music industry at large.

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