Posted on September 24, 2017

AirPlay Direct & Collective Evolution are proud to announce our new Artist Endorsement Deal with Dave Insley.  We have partnered with Dave Insley to release his catalog and upcoming new album to global radio exclusively via AirPlay Direct.

“I have known Dave for many years now.  He has always been a gentlemen, and a true professional.  His art inspires me, his longevity inspires me, his deep commitment to all the things he treasures in his life… his kids, his fans, his music and all the wonderful professional people that have helped him craft and create unique pieces of art over the years," says Robert Weingartz, Chairman - AirPlay Direct / Collective Evolution.  "He is loyal to a fault… and we love that about him.  And just in case you haven’t seen him live, this guy truly leaves it all on the stage every night.”

Dave is currently writing and creating for his new album due 2018.

"I met Robert Weingartz over a dozen years ago, on a trip through Nashville.  He had gotten a hold of a copy of my first album, and told me he was going to 'help me' - words a young artist hears a lot, that don't usually mean all that much.  But this proved to be very different.  His steadfast support of my work, my professional development, and even for who I am, as a person, has never wavered," said Dave Insley, Independent Artist.  "The endorsement deal with AirPlay Direct and Collective Evolution demonstrates a great commitment from a great man, and together with Lynda Weingartz, a great company.  I am extremely confident that my career is in the best of hands, with two of the best in the industry, and that this partnership will prove to be THE watershed moment in my success story!"

Dave Insley’s fourth solo release, Just The Way That I Am, shows him in peak form—recording with some of Austin’s finest musicians, writing with maturity and confidence, and singing like the church is on fire! His songs form a carefully crafted story-arc, exploring the outposts of love, remorse, heartbreak, nostalgia and hope, all set before crumbling backdrops of honky-tonks and hotel rooms.  The album offers shuffles and ballads, of the style Dave is known for, and the natural flow of his story-songs reflects his tastes and skill.



Dave’s previous album releases are West Texas Wine (2008), Here With You Tonight (2006), and Call Me Lonesome (2005).  He has lived in Austin, Texas for ten years, but also claims Arizona as his lifelong home.  Dave’s unique songwriting and deep baritone have earned him a reputation as one of the Southwest’s most original artists, and as one of the region’s most authentic country voices.

*Photo of Dave Insley by Valerie Fremin

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