Posted on April 4, 2017

AirPlay Direct is honored to announce the exclusive release of Ken Irwin’s first “personally curated” collection of amazing recordings from Rounder Records legendary catalog.

"After learning of my selection as AirPlay Direct’s Iconic Innovator Award recipient, I started to think about some of my favorite albums which for some reason or other didn’t receive the attention they deserved. In many instances, the albums didn’t fit nicely into a neat radio format. In others, the group didn’t tour or didn’t tour widely.

(Pictured L-R:  Ken Irwin, Marian Leighton Levy & Bill Nowlin)

When we released our first album, George Pegram, we knew nothing about radio or promotion and didn’t have distribution. The most recent album from the catalog is by the Time Jumpers which was the last album to feature the beautiful, soulful singing of the late Dawn Sears, one of the great voices in country music, and I wanted people who might have missed her in the past to hear her great singing. Throughout, there are singers and musicians whose music I’ve loved over the years. I actually pulled off the road on first hearing both The Whitstein Brothers and Jeannie Kendall and I had very similar reactions to most of these other recordings.

I also wanted to present some of the incredible diversity of the Rounder catalog including bluegrass and old-time, the areas I’ve been most involved with, but also Hawaiian, a caplella, Cajun, swing, country, and folk. In future months, we’ll continue to delve into the Rounder catalog of over 4,000 titles and present albums of blues, zydeco, polka, roots rock and other genres."

~ Ken Irwin, Co-founder, Rounder Records

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="545"] THE GIBSON BROTHERS -  Bluegrass [/caption]

Robert Weingartz, Chairman / Creator, AirPlay Direct, states, “This collection of beautiful, eclectic, deep catalog selections is exactly why we created the AirPlay Direct ‘Iconic Innovators’ Award… and why Ken received our 2017 award.”

April Catalog Releases:
George Pegram - George Pegram

Tau Moe Family -  Ho'Omana'o I Na Mele O Ka Wa U'i (Remembering The Songs Of Our Youth)     
David Grisman, Vince Gill, Herb Pedersen - Here Today                 
Hazel Dickens, Carol Elizabeth Jones, Ginny Hawker - Heart Of A Singer

Tish Hinojosa - Culture Swing              

The Persuasions - No Frills       

Jeannie Kendall - Jeannie Kendall  

Whitstein Brothers - Rose of My Heart  

Eddie LeJeune, D.L. Menard, Ken Smith - Le Trio Cadien
The Time Jumpers - The Time Jumpers
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