Posted on August 30, 2016

AirPlay Direct is pleased to partner with Marty M. Denton in raising monies for the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation. APCF is a fantastic organization, and they are on a mission!

“The fight to find the cure is so much a part of me that it sometimes consumes me. I think of all my family who have faced this disease. Some have won the fight, while others fought so valiantly before cancer took its toll.” said Marty Denton, Independent Songwriter / Artist. “Happy is the day when we find the cure. Thanks so much to AirPlay Direct and Play MPE as they embrace the cause with their charitable donations. These corporations have blessed this cause immeasurably more than I could ever have imagined."

Denton continues to say, "I thank the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation as they take the fight to the trenches and make a difference in early detection through screenings and many more programs. We hope you will embrace the song and join us hand in hand as we fight this disease. We are donating 100% of all proceeds from the digital downloads from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Rhapsody ,Emusic etc. to the APCF. Together we can make a difference. Believe me when I say, "We're Gonna’ Find the Cure."

Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation’s mission is to promote awareness, encourage timely detection and support improved treatment of prostate cancer in Arkansas.

Beverlyn Eckert, Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation – Executive Director stated, "Every day the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation sees the tremendous toll prostate cancer takes on the families of our state. We fight back through free screenings, education, and one-on-one patient support services statewide. With the support of generous sponsors like Marty Denton and AirPlay Direct, we look forward to the day that prostate cancer is no longer afflicting our fathers, brothers, and sons."

“Being a survivor of prostate cancer myself, I am well aware of how this disease affects not only the cancer victims, but the families and supporters around them," said Robert Weingartz, AirPlay Direct / Collective Evolution. "I commend Marty Denton & friend's efforts to support this cause, and all of the dedicated and caring work that the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation does on a daily basis.”

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