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AirPlay Direct is excited to announce and congratulate the AirPlay Direct “Radio Contest” winners!  On behalf of AirPlay Direct and all of our artist / label members, we would like to thank all of the AirPlay Direct radio members for their passion and on-going commitment to promote and give airplay to all of the wonderful artists that make up the global AirPlay Direct family.  Each radio winner will receive a $3,000 APD “Marketing & Awareness” Campaign for their radio station / program.

We encourage all of our artist / label members to reach out personally to congratulate the winners and introduce yourself and then “tune in” to their radio programs and stations.  This is a great time to show your support for our radio professionals that create all of the fantastic global radio airplay and promotion opportunities that AirPlay Direct artists enjoy.

There were so many great stories and entries, that this became a very difficult decision making process for our panel of industry professionals.  So instead of having 6 winners as planned, AirPlay Direct increased the winning packages to include 13 winners for a total of $39,000 in APD “Marketing & Awareness” Campaign prize packages…!!!  Again, congratulations to all of the winners.  Please find all of the winning stations listed below according to genres.

 Americana / AAA

 Americana Music Show

Genres: Americana / AAA / Bluegrass / Folk / Country / Alt. Country / Christian / Gospel

Location: Germany

PopStop – The Music Radio

Dear Lynda,

First of all I wanna‘ thank you so much for your great service you are providing not only for us, the programmers, but also for all the wonderful artists. I’m an old-timer and I’m in the radio business since 1970.  The first 19 years for a big public radio network named SWF3, later on for big private radio networks like RPR2 and now for PopStop – The Music Radio with a regular weekly 2-hour program named,“Americana Music Show“; plus many extra programs like, “The Story Of Bluegrass Music“ or “Train Songs“.  We play mainly Americana and Bluegrass.

When I visited the USA for the first time in 1973 I met a journalist in Nashville who was accredited to the Governor of Tennessee at Capitol Hill.  When I told her that I play Country Music on a German Radio Station, she was so surprised that she ran to the Governor, Winfield Dunn, and told him that there’s somebody from Germany who plays Country Music on German radio.  So that must have been a sensation in those days, because Mr. Dunn made me an “Honorary Citizen Of Tennessee“. It must have been unusual that Country Music had traveled so far. Later on in 1995 / 1996 I got the“King Eagle Awards“ for my International Country Music Shows and  my oustanding contributions to the Music Industry. Then in 1997 I was the first non-american broadcaster who received from the CMA the “International Broadcaster Award“ for “Outstanding Contributions To Country Music“.  Besides all of my radio programs I wrote 3 books about the “Story Of Country Music“, a book about the life of Johnny Cash and I worked about 10 years for Lufthansa (the German Airline) producing Country Music Programs for their Inflight Entertainment.  Of course, I did a lot of more things, but these are some of the highlights in my career as a Country Music Radio Producer. Oh, I forgot the past 13 years I produced and organized a yearly Bluegrass Festival for my hometown Buehl, “The International Buehl Bluegrass Festival“.  Over the years we had stars like Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, The Gibson Brothers, Della Mae, Chris Jones & the Night Drivers, Monroe Crossing and many others.

Now back to your great service: You see, during the first decades of my work, very often I bought the records I needed. Then I got well served by Record Companies in Germany and of course from the USA. I still get material nowadays from German Record Companies, but due to the fact of high postages U.S. Companies very seldom send albums. So you see, to produce an up-dated program I need your service, especially to introduce new talent and playing the Bluegrass Airplay Top Ten or Billboard Bluegrass Album Top Ten. First, I was a bit reserved concerning the downloads, because often they failed during the play in my programs, but now the technics are better and I’ve got more routine.

So, Lynda, I guess that does it for this time. Thanks again for your good work and keep me up to date.

Best regards, Walter Fuchs - Radio Program Producer / Event Producer


Big Burrito Radio

Genres: Americana / AAA / Country / Alt. Country

Location: Romeoville, IL

WLRA Lewis University Radio

We have been using AirPlay Direct for the past 3-4 years.  Being that we broadcast from a university radio station we tend to feature indie artists.  AirPlay Direct has been a prefect resource for finding new musicians / music for us to air on the show and load into the audio vault for student programmers to use.  The bio feature is always helpful when we want to tell the listeners about the musician and the music they are listening to.  Our show features the genre of Trop-Rock, and falls into the Americana / Alt. Country category.

Big Burrito Radio has been on the air at Lewis for 7 years now, I search AirPlay Direct every couple months when I need something fresh for our listeners.  It is really nice that we can search for new music by title, genre and sounds like.  These features make AirPlay Direct a great resource for any radio station / radio show to use.

We have discovered many musicians on AirPlay Direct that are now "fan favs" on our show, and when we contact them for new music we always let them know that we found them on AirPlay Direct.

Keep up the great work and we'll keep using your resource!!  Thanks for having this contest.

Martin Kuklinski / WLRA Radio / Big Burrito Radio


Bluegrass / Folk

The Starline Bluegrass Express

Genre: Bluegrass

Location: Harvard, IL

Dear Lynda,

Thank you for this opportunity to tell our story and promote our show / station.

Northern Illinois is essentially a desert when it comes to Bluegrass music and certainly when compared to other regions of the USA. For this reason I started a Bluegrass music radio show on Harvard Community Radio the weekend before Thanksgiving 2013. The name of the show is The Starline Bluegrass Express, which was chosen since our station is located inside the historic Starline Factory, a beautifully restored factory building in Harvard, Illinois. In the early days of the show I played music from my own collection and purchased new music to the extent that I could afford to do so which was not that much. The show was fun and different for our community. After engaging with AirPlay Direct, however, the show became fun, different and far more interesting with the range of Bluegrass talents we began bringing to our audience.

Besides helping to keep our listeners on the cutting edge of great Bluegrass and Newgrass music, AirPlay Direct enables us to provide a broad educational benefit to our listeners as well. The biographical information provided about the artists we find on AirPlay Direct helps to make the presentation of the music much richer than it would be otherwise. The educational benefit is also very specific to my 16-year-old co-host Georgia Rae and me. Georgia Rae is an accomplished Bluegrass fiddle player and has won several state championships over the past few years. She did not know much however about the history of Bluegrass when she joined the radio show as a co-host. AirPlay Direct has been directly responsible for a rapid increase in Georgia Rae’s knowledge of the Bluegrass music genre that she plays so well. It has been a rewarding experience watching her discover talent on AirPlay Direct and then learn all about the musicians from the profiles and links she finds there.

We know our listener base is growing every week, which is largely attributable to the support we receive from AirPlay Direct. We know people in town that thought they didn’t like Bluegrass music and now are some of our most loyal listeners. Because of AirPlay Direct we have built a show that is interesting, relevant and an emerging gem for the Harvard, Illinois community.

Scott Brix / Show Host / The Starline Bluegrass Express


Blueridge Express

Genres: Bluegrass / Folk / Roots

Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


It almost seemed like forever in coming... After 35 years of having to write, phone, or email bluegrass artists to get their latest music, AirPlay Direct has finally simplified the process. Now, within a few seconds, I can grab the tracks that matter to my audience. And, I can rely on those tracks being complete, error-free, and “broadcast-quality”.

It’s been an eye-opener. I’ve discovered some great folk or roots artists who fit my genre for a song or two. Prior to this service, I would never have heard of them, or had access to their work. The proof is that my audience is requesting songs from those newer, unexpected artists, as well as the traditional artists. I’m able to find both on AirPlay Direct. The result is success for my show, and my station.

Selling bluegrass isn’t easy, but AirPlay Direct certainly puts me ahead of others.

Dan Joseph / Show Host / Blueridge Express


Blues / R&B

The Blues Show

Genre: Blues

Location: South Wales, UK

GTFM 107.9 FM (Also broadcast on Kansas City On-Line Radio, The Wall Rock Radio and Firebrand Roxx)

When I first started broadcasting my dedicated Blues Show in 2003, I had to purchase my own broadcast material as the station is a registered charity. This was an expensive enterprise, mitigated by purchasing compilation CDs by lots of artists (and a very tolerant wife). Over time as I built my contacts with record companies, artists and promoters I was able to expand my music library and offer a wider range.

Then AirPlay Direct arrived and the world changed. The Atlantic Ocean was no longer a barrier. By registering with AirPlay Direct, I was able to increase my library of Blues music from a wealth of artists, both new and well established. A turning point - for my show and for AirPlay Direct - was, I believe, when dedicated Blues label Alligator Records decided to share their catalogue with radio stations through AirPlay Direct. This was a brilliant moment for my show. To be able to offer music from stars of the genre gave the show more credibility and many positive reactions from our listeners.

With mailing costs having climbed exponentially in recent years, I understand the economics of supplying hard copy to radio stations - particularly those overseas - and AirPlay Direct means that I can easily access music which would otherwise be available to me only with a personal purchase. My show, which now airs weekly in various forms on four stations (one FM and three internet) would not be as popular or up to the minute without the presence and continued support of AirPlay Direct.

A perfect example of this occurred just this week when I had an email from Blind Pig Records telling me that they had a couple of new titles available. I received the email at about 6.45 pm and was airing from one of these albums on my show which began at 8.00 pm from a studio half an hour from my home. A seamless experience; courtesy of AirPlay Direct.

Blues Show Bob / Show Host / The Blues Show


Time For The Blues

Genre: Blues

Location: Richmond, VA

88.9 WCVE-FM

Richmond Public Radio.

Time For The Blues started on Richmond Virginia’s public radio, WCVE-FM nine years ago because Henry Cook and John Porter had a passion for the blues and there was no radio presence for America’s music anywhere in Central Virginia. After several attempts to get a blues show, we were given the green light in 2006. When the show started, it was slated to run at one o’clock on Sunday mornings when listenership would be relatively low to say the least. Our available CDs were limited to a non-existent budget and our own libraries. This resulted in the two of us reaching out to other sources – I contacted every label that included blues artists while my co-host Henry looked for alternative sources.

While a few labels and publicists began to send in a few CDs, it was Henry who discovered AirPlay Direct and immediately our fortunes improved. In no time at all we were able to sample emerging artists as well as classics from blues legends. The recent addition of the Alligator Records catalog by AirPlay Direct helped us created dynamic shows that helped build our audience.

As our audience grew, Time For The Blues did things that no other show in our time slot had ever done before for our station, we attracted underwriters who actually wanted to help sponsor the show. Since this was so unusual the show was moved to an earlier time slot that attracted more people and even other underwriters.

A number of our colleagues were intrigued by this and wanted to understand what we were doing to attract new listeners and we told them all about AirPlay Direct. There is no way we would have been able to build our show without the valuable assistance of AirPlay Direct. We were able to discover new artists and to fill in gaps in our library in order to better serve our audience. We are so impressed with AirPlay Direct that we recommend it to all of our musician friends for promoting their CDs.

Thank you AirPlay Direct for serving the music and radio industry and for connecting listeners from all over the world with incredible music. Without your service our show would never have been able to continue its mission to keep the blues alive.

John Porter / Co-Host / Time For The Blues


Blues Corner Radio Show

Genre: Blues

Location: UK

Rock Radio UK

AirPlay Direct has been instrumental in helping me enhance the broad range of music I offer on both my radio shows and in particular Blues Corner.  I’d already been covering all aspects of what I consider to fit the Blues genre including blues, roots, acoustic, electric, funk, soul, rock, jazz and the odd curveball track that fits the feel of the show.  I’ve been able to add lots of Americana, Bluegrass, a hint of Country, more Jazz and also backfill some of the established artists that I have in my collection.  The Deluxe edition releases via AirPlay Direct i.e. Koko Taylor, Albert Collins, Fenton Robinson, Albert King, Peter Frampton, etc. are especially great for programming into my shows.  Each week I do a 3 track Retro Corner feature, and have been able with your help to add lots of great artists to this through your website.

I’ve lost count of the artists and musicians I’ve become friends with and aired tracks from via AirPlay Direct.  Although based in the UK, through the diverse variety of music I’m now able to offer, the show has built up a listener base of up to 56 countries around the globe. I couldn’t have done this without the access to so much great music that AirPlay Direct offers.  Each month I check out and download artists that come through on the weekly bulletin emails, then I have a look round the Top 100 New Tracks, grab any that catch my ear…and then I start searching for other artists I’ve already played, but I’m looking for some of their back catalogue music.

Your service is invaluable for any radio station and I’m finding more and more artists send me links to their music on your site for airplay consideration and downloading. Rock Radio UK is fast approaching its first anniversary on air, and I’d like to thank you on behalf of the station and both my shows for your part in our continued and increasing success.

Tony “TC” Corner / Show Host / Blues Corner Radio Show


Christian / Gospel

Front Porch Bluegrass Revival

Genre: Gospel / Bluegrass

Location: Atlanta/Macon, GA

90.7, 91.7 NewLife FM

AirPlay Direct has been a lifeline since I created the program Front Porch Bluegrass Revival on our local non-profit FM stations. Bluegrass music was a relatively new genre for myself. I was vaguely familiar and intrigued with the genre thanks to a well-known film – O Brother Where Art Thou. One day while driving into the station, I called my General Manager and said, “What if we created a Bluegrass Gospel program?”

I was given a green light to create a concept program. The major challenge was the fact that I had no idea where to begin when it came to accessing and downloading Bluegrass Gospel. Luckily I stumbled upon AirPlay Direct and was blown away by the extensive library and easy to use navigation. There was a treasure trove of artists from the very foundations to present day. Can we say Bill Monroe to artists like Volume Five and just about every well-known and unknown artist in-between?

Since launching the program in 2011, I literally have spent up to 2-3 hours per week browsing and discovering new artists and sounds in this genre. The program itself captures this discovery process and presents it to our listeners. One of the biggest blessings that AirPlay Direct brings to the program is the constant updating of new music and artists which help keep the program fresh and relevant. Probably about 90 percent of the music heard on Front Porch Bluegrass Revival can be traced back to AirPlay Direct.

Front Porch Bluegrass Revival has proved to be a major hit for NewLife FM. It is one of the most responded to programs – and that’s saying a lot for a program that airs on a relatively “dead” zone on radio known as Sunday night. Just about any time I’m out in the community, folks tell me that they clear out their Sunday evenings to join me on the front porch to hear the music I’ve discovered this week. Even lifelong pickers and Georgia country music hall-of-famers have shared that same sentiment with me.

It’s safe to say that AirPlay Direct’s growing Bluegrass library has breathed new life into NewLife FM!

Pete Chagnon / Production Director / On-Air Host / Front Porch Bluegrass Revival


Country / Alt. Country

Heart For Country

Genres: Country / Alt. Country / Bluegrass

Location: Utrecht Hillside, Netherlands

Radio 90fm

Dear Mrs. Lynda Weingartz!

We send you our testimonial with the intention of getting you acquainted with some of your biggest fans in the world.  We cannot emphasize how grateful we are to you and the artists that participate in your exchange.  Thank you for all the possibilities gained by us to get to know bands and artists and their work.

Greetings from,

Louisa and Pede Mahulette

Par. I

Our names are Louisa and Pede and we are very honored to meet you this way.  We live and air on the Utrecht Hillside in the centre of the Netherlands.  Ours is a small country in Europe in between Germany and Belgium and over the North Sea Canal is Great Britain.  We have national radio stations, regional radio stations and area radio stations. And some internet radio stations.  All area stations air a variety of music and you can have an hour of Church music followed by a Rock music show.
 In 1996 I got involved in radio when our area radio station was asking for new volunteers.  I, Louisa, considered myself to be shy and did not think I would be entertaining enough on air. But considering no Country Music was aired here at all I figured any effort made by me was a good as any.   So I started clueless but determined because I had a Heart For Country Music! Hence the name of our show.  HFC is a non-sponsored show, we have to fund our own material. My husband Pede joined later to do the technical stuff.  We first started airing one hour each week, right now we have two hours live on Wednesday from 19:00 till 21:00 h. and the rerun on Saturday from 22.00 till 24.00 h.

With no knowledge at all I had to learn making radio from scratch. Never considered I would need things as "a format" or a plan of any kind. All I knew is I wanted to give my listeners some great country and bluegrass music.  We really got into it as we became a member of CMA and visited Nashville.  Voorthuizen is not far from where we live.  Every year EWOB is there with a Bluegrass Music festival where we met many European bands.  Tsjech Republic is a big contender but also Hungary, Sweden, Ireland etc., and every year they showcase a popular American Bluegrass Act.  We have tried to get as many albums we could finance and some got sent to us by Record Companies reacting to our requests for airing material.

Par. II

Our longtime wish to be able to spoil our listeners with more music has come true!  Since we became a member of AirPlay Direct, so did our knowledge of the depths of Country music and specifically Bluegrass. Bluegrass is our favorite now and we showcase 70% in our two hour show. We can do so because we are a member of your site.

Since we became a member of your site we found out there actually are styles in Bluegrass Music. Reading all the information on your page and listening to the contents.  How there is a modern approach of Bluegrass by say Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen or The Steeldrivers and a more classical way of playing Bluegrass by Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver or The Earls of Leicester, knowing the latter to be a new project.

Also we got acquainted with many young bands and some of our now favorite bands we discovered on AirPlay Direct.  The Trinity River Band for instance or Ash Breeze and Flatt Lonesome we found at your site we really like. Also what was very important for me as a woman, is that there are many good female Bluegrass musicians beside Alison Krauss. Like Alecia Nugent and Valerie Smith and even some very good all female bands like Della Mae or Blacktop Gypsy to name a few.

Every year we give our listeners the nominations and winners of the IBMA because we now have material of the bands and musicians mentioned.  Through feedback of some of our listeners we know that they learned a lot about Bluegrass music and they thoroughly enjoy all that is offered to them in our two hour show.

As our collection has grown through AirPlay Direct and our knowledge has increased we are able to offer a better view on the Bluegrass & Country world to our listeners and give them the opportunity to enjoy a variety of music they would have to do without if we did not have YOU.

AirPlay Direct is a big gift to radio makers throughout the world and the artists are very well served indeed.  We regularly send them a message about how we appreciate their music which we have obtained through AirPlay Direct.

Louisa Mahulette / Co-Host / Heart For Country


Country Music Club & Fuzzbox - a Rock programme

Genre: Country / Alt. Country / Americana  / Gospel / Bluegrass

Location: Malta

Radio 101

Synopsis: I have been hosting Country Music Club on Radio 101 for the past 21 years. It is currently broadcast every Saturday evening at 8.30 pm CET Radio 101 is a relatively speaking, small station reaching about 7 percent of the total potential audience, according to Broadcasting Authority Surveys. This programme reaches about 18 percent of the potential evening audience and as such, it is one of the most heard programmes during the evening, with an audience reach of around 2,500 to 3,000 listeners.

Country Music in Malta is widely followed, and the audience is mainly within the 50 plus age bracket. However, there is also a growing number of new young listeners eager to follow the hot new country stars like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. There is also a growing number of Americana followers thanks to concerts held in Malta from the likes of Dale Watson, Bonnie Prince Billy and The Kentucky Boys over the past 13 years. As a result, I have to balance old with new, and I do so through a diary of past events, an album of the week, a country gospel song, news and seasonal ditties, such as the inclusion of two country songs about summer for this summer, as well as interviews and features and obituaries (sadly we are getting lots of these lately, the last one featuring Bill Sherrill last Saturday and next Saturday I will do a short feature on Buddy Emmons.

How AirPlay Direct fits in: Over the past few years, I have included a considerable amount of AirPlay Direct talents mainly from the Americana fold and some Country Gospel songs. There is so much to fathom in many talents, veteran and new, and most prominently the Bluegrass Gospel artistes, like for example The Gospel Side of Daly and Vincent or The Bluegrass Gospel Compilation, which are timeless compilations.

AirPlay Direct has helped me discover many new talents, who in themselves are a real alternative to some big Country names, who for various reasons, have made Country music too commercial. As already stated, as a veteran broadcaster, I am aware I cannot ignore these but within the two hours allotted I try to strike a balance and also include, artists featured on AirPlay Direct as they truly reflect traditional and rootsy Country, which really matters most when it comes to artistic validity.  It is also really good that this organization has also reached out to some great classic singers like Jim Ed Brown, who passed away lately and Linda Ronstadt among many others.  AirPlay Direct has also reached out to the Blues and I was pleased that someone like Gurf Morlix has been included here.  And I was also so pleased with Colin Hay's return, which will also be included soon in my Country programme.

My wish is to have at least another programme or even own a radio station which will highlight more such talents as presented by AirPlay Direct and indeed instill some more poetic justice in a competitive airplay world, which has also become corporate-dominated.

Kind regards,

Eric Montfort -- Host / Country Music Club & Fuzzbox (a Rock programme)



Jazz Radio Network

Genre: Jazz

Location: Sequim, WA

Jazz Radio Network (which includes four distinct streams and Jazz formats)

Jazz Radio Network has been broadcasting a variety of Jazz on our four distinctly different 24-hour Jazz streams for over ten years, but it wasn’t until 2014 that we discovered AirPlay Direct.  Finding new music and artists for an Internet based radio station is always a challenge. Joining AirPlay Direct was a breath of fresh air. Not only did we discover new tracks, but connecting with many artists for the first time has made us an even more relevant source for Jazz Lovers.

Our audience has grown significantly in the last couple of years with loyal listeners in more than 50 countries, and much of our increased listenership can be attributed to our adding new tracks to keep our sound fresh.  As we grow, we also connect with many independent artists who have limited resources for reaching the ever expanding radio industry… so we often recommend AirPlay Direct, of which many artists have enthusiastically thanked us for directing them to this resource. We also link directly to AirPlay Direct from our websites so artists can easily find AirPlay Direct while listening or browsing our site.

Thanks to AirPlay Direct for helping artists, labels and radio stations connect in a digital world that can often feel disconnected.

Rich Germaine / President / Jazz Radio Network



 The Devo Rock Show

Genre: Rock

Location: Hartford, CT


I’ve been a radio listener for longer than I’ve been a radio programmer.  I remember listening to AM top 40 songs on my transistor radio, the first Rock FM radio stations, late night rock concerts via syndicated broadcasts, and all the great disk jockeys that blew my mind with music I’d never heard.  When I got a chance to get on the radio myself, I decided to create the kind of radio show that I always wanted to hear that incorporated a little bit of everything from all eras of rock and all types of styles into a format that was all my own.

When you invent your own radio format like I have, it’s hard to come up with an idea that ties the songs together in a way that makes an entertaining listening experience.  There are lots of computer programs that pick songs via algorithms that try to predict what will appeal to the most people, but most of the time, they end up sounding like all the other programs that try to do the same thing.  Creatively picking new and old music that somehow goes together and is fun to listen to is a lot harder than just letting a computer pick the songs.

AirPlay Direct is one of the places I’ve been going to more and more to find that song that fits.  It might be a new instrumental song by Steve Vai, a classic rock song from Nils Lofgren, a tender folk song from The Waifs, or some Jazz by Larry Carlton and David T. Walker.  It could be from an anthology by an established artist or something new from a band you kind of heard of but never really listened to.  When the program is finished and it goes on the air, the result sounds like a little bit of all of the things you fell in love with when you first turned on the radio.  And it’s something that sounds great on the car stereo when you listen to your air check on the drive home from the station!

Dave Jacobsohn / Host / The Devo Rock Show



Genre: Rock

Location: Netherlands

HeadbangersFM is a web radio from The Netherlands and we have started 11 years ago as Power Metal Radio. We changed our name after 5 Years, because some people thought we only played Power Metal.

We play 24/7 Rock 'n' Roll , Blues , Punk, Rock, Hard Rock and all styles of Metal with Live shows and Online Auto DJs.

We have listeners all over the world.

AirPlay Direct is a great site for us to select the artists that fit our programming and we always play the music we download more than once if possible.

Luco / Show Host / HeadbangersFM

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