Posted on June 23, 2015


“What an amazing man and creative individual… Mr. Carl Jackson.  I continue to be amazed by Carl, as an artist, a person and as a friend.  His dedication to ‘living a good life’ and creating perfection in all that he does is very inspiring.  This new project is another outstanding example of the brilliance of a master craftsman in his prime.”  Robert Weingartz, Chairman / Creator - AirPlay Direct

The immediate success at global radio and within the music industry at large that “Orthophonic Joy” has experienced is nothing short of outstanding… check out the APD Global Radio Indicator Charts!  This particular “piece of art” is speaking to the world in a very cool manner.  This record has made its mark in the APD Charts as the #8 Country Album of “All-Time”… and #24 of “All-Time” on the “Top 50” across all genres in less than a month… amazing!

"I've always loved history and the story of how Bristol became the "Birthplace of Country Music" is a fascinating one to me.  Recording "Orthophonic Joy" was a wonderful experience that hopefully breathes new life into many of those wonderful old songs and shines a spotlight on the "big bang of Country Music" that occurred in 1927."  Carl Jackson, Grammy Award Winning Producer & Artist

Carl’s award winning solo album “Grace Notes” is an entirely different opportunity to get to know Carl.  It has also had a significant impact at global radio over the last couple of years taking the #26 position of “All-Time” on the APD Bluegrass Album Chart… take a listen.

"Grace Notes is the most personal project I've ever made.  My Mom and Dad had always encouraged me to record a lot of the classic hymns I used to play while just sitting around the home place in Mississippi.  I decided to include commentary about the history of each of the twelve different guitars I used as an added bonus."   Carl Jackson, Grammy Award Winning Producer & Artist

Then there is the very special “Mark Twain Words & Music”  that Carl contributed his magical touch to.  This masterpiece has been the #1 most downloaded Americana Album of “All-Time” on the AirPlay Direct Global Radio Indicator Charts for the last several years and #9 of “All-Time” on the “Top 50” Chart across all genres… truly amazing!!!

"Producing "Mark Twain:  Words & Music" made me an even bigger fan of Samuel Clemens than I already was.  I consider him to be America's  greatest author and I did my best to lovingly tell the story of his incredible life, not only with his own words, but with melodies and lyrics befitting of the man."  Carl Jackson, Grammy Award Winning Producer & Artist

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